Six-part British thriller UTOPIA now available on dvd

Utopia UTOPIA (18) 2012    KELLY, DENNIS        £19.99
Six-part British thriller drama following a number of individuals who find themselves at the centre of a conspiracy. A handful of people in possession of graphic novel ‘Utopia’, which is said to have foreseen the biggest disasters of the previous century, fall under the watchful eye of a government body known as The Network who will stop at nothing to obtain the original manuscript…

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Steven Poliakoff’s period drama DANCING ON THE EDGE is released on dvd this week

Dancing On the Edge DANCING ON THE EDGE (15) 2012    £19.99
Steven Poliakoff writes this five-part drama set in London in the 1930s following the rise and fall of a black jazz band. As their success leads them to mingle with the upper class, the members of the Louis Lester Band feel insusceptible to a prejudice society. But before long one of them dies in suspicious circumstances and a darkness begins to descend upon the group as they realise how precarious their situation has become.

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Animated biopic of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman out on dvd

Animated biopic of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman. Using a number of audio recordings Chapman made before his death, fourteen different animation studios worked together for this film which collects snippets from his autobiography and turns them into a series of comedy skits. Fellow Python members John Cleese, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin also contribute by voicing an assortment of characters who may or may not have crossed Chapman’s path in life.

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Sally Potters film GINGER AND ROSA out on dvd

Image GINGER AND ROSA (12) 2012 UK POTTER, SALLY £15.99
Sally Potter directs this drama about two teenage girls living in London in the early 1960s. Elle Fanning and Alice Englert star as Ginger and Rosa, best friends who were both born on the day the first atom bomb fell on Hiroshima. The two are inseparable until Rosa falls in love with Ginger’s charismatic father Roland (Alessandro Nivola).

Ginger, shattered and alone, becomes increasingly immersed in the anti-nuclear movement, the looming horrors of the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis resonating with her own personal nightmare.

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