THALE – Out on dvd 25 March 2013

Image THALE (15) 2012 NORWAY  

Norwegian fantasy horror in which a pair of cleaners encounter a mythical creature in a basement. Leo (Jon Sigve Skard) and Elvis (Erlend Nervold) are used to the gruesome and macabre. As crime scene cleaners, they arrive after the police have done their work to remove the body and clean up the mess.

They encounter the most surprising sight yet on one of their assignments when they discover Thale (Silje Reinåmo) in a basement. Struck by her almost supernatural beauty, they begin to associate Thale with huldras, alluring creatures from Norwegian folklore that lured men to their death. In spite of her apparent helplessness, will Thale lead Leo and Elvis to a similar fate?

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HAPPY HAPPY – Out on dvd 25 February 2013

Image HAPPY HAPPY (15) 2010 NORWAY   SEWITSKY, ANNE    £15.99
Offbeat black comedy drama stars Agnes Kittelson as Kaja, a young woman living in a remote rural area and stuck in a dead-end marriage to a high school boyfriend she outgrew years ago. When a new family moves in next door, a young professional couple with their newly adopted African child, Kaja finds her own problems and limitations highlighted by their air of effortless urban glamour.

But it soon transpires that her new neighbours have plenty of issues of their own to contend with.

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BABETTE’S FEAST Out on dvd 25 February 2013

Image BABETTE’S FEAST (U) 1987 -DENMARK      £15.99
Writer/director Gabriel Axel’s Oscar-winning film is set in 19th-century Denmark. Babette (Stéphane Audran), a chef and refugee from France’s civil war, finds herself in a remote Danish hamlet working for two sisters who preside over its inhabitants. The sisters were brought up under the strict regime of their devout father who preached salvation through self-denial and have kept his teachings going even after his death.

But Babette’s arrival is set to change the status quo when she cooks a sumptuous meal for the sisters and their friends.

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BORGEN TWO – out on dvd 4 February 2013

Borgen Season 2BORGEN: SEASON 2 (15) 2011    DENMARK       £19.99
The second season of the Danish drama following a female politician’s rise to power and the way in which her role as prime minister alters her behaviour. In this series, two years have past since Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen) was elected prime minister and she continues to deal with problems in both her personal and professional life. Having split from her husband Philip (Mikael Birkkjær), she becomes envious when he seems to be moving on.

Meanwhile, tensions rise in parliament as Labour members begin to rebel and Birgette has to make important decisions regarding Danish soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. The episodes comprise: ‘89,000 Children’, ‘In Brussels No One Can Hear You Scream’, ‘The Last Worker’, ‘Battle Ready’, ‘Plant a Tree’, ‘Them and Us’, ‘What Is Lost Inwardly Must Be Gained Outwardly: Part One’, ‘What Is Lost Inwardly Must Be Gained Outwardly: Part Two’, ‘The Sanctity of Private Life’ and ‘An Extraordinary Remark’.

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JACKPOT – out on dvd January 2013

ImageJACKPOT (15) 2011 NORWAY     MARTENS, MAGNUS        £15.99
Crime thriller in which a young man attempts to explain how winning a jackpot on the pools with his friends led to chaos. The film opens with Oscar Svendsen (Kyrre Hellum) surrounded by armed police and dead bodies. He is taken into custody, and attempts to recall, for the benefit of Inspector Solar (Henrik Mestad), how he ended up in the situation; Oscar used to work as a supervisor at a factory, where he became friendly with a group of ex-convicts, Billy (Arthur Berning), Thor (Mads Ousdal) and Dan (Andreas Cappelen).

The four decided to enter a syndicate together and won a fortune and, as in so many cases, the money ultimately led to despair rather than happiness – though perhaps rarely in such a spectacular and brutal fashion. Solar listens to the tale with a growing sense of incredulity; how much is fact and how much is fiction?

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ImageJÄGARNA (15) 2011 SWEDEN        SUNDVALL, KJELL    £19.99
Thriller in which Erik (Rolf Lassgård) returns to his hometown to reunite with his brother after the death of their abusive father. While there, he investigates a case of deer poaching and uncovers that his brother may be involved with the gang of hunters.

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All ten episodes from the third season of the Emmy-nominated Danish crime drama. Having found peace after her previous ordeals, Detective Inspector Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbol) has her curiosity ignited when she notices a tattoo on the victim of what seems to be a random murder at the Copenhagen docks. Attention is quickly drawn toward the Zeeland oil business run by the troubled Robert Zeuthen (Anders W.

Berthelsen) whose daughter has been kidnapped, and an old flame of Lund’s believes that both the kidnapping and murder may be connected to a possible assassination attempt on the prime minister.

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ImageKING OF DEVIL’S ISLAND (12A) 2010 NORWAY      HOLST, MARIUS    £17.99
On a remote island off the coast of Norway in 1915, Governor Bestyreren (Stellan Skarsgård) presides over the brutal and austere Bastoy Boys Reform School. When the paedophile house master, Master Bråthen (Kristoffer Joner), returns to the school under a cloud of corruption, he quickly resumes his exploitation of power, inflicting both mental and physical abuse on the boys.

The arrival of a new boy, 17-year-old Erling (Benjamin Helstad), leads to a thwarted escape attempt and a violent uprising among the boys, but it seems Erling’s fantasies of freedom are destined to remain unfulfilled..BLU RAY – £19.99

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Drama about the intense relationship that develops between a pair of young women who meet at an engagement party for their parents. Though they haven’t previously met, Mia (Ruth Vega Fernandez) and Frida (Liv Mjönes) are set to become stepsisters, with Mia’s father, Lasse (Krister Henriksson), engaged to Frida’s mother, Elizabeth (Lena Endre). But when the girls meet a spark ignites between them that suggests they desire a different kind of relationship.

While Frida is upfront and honest about her feelings, Mia, who is engaged to Tim (Joakim Nätterqvist), is conflicted and seeks refuge in the preparations for her wedding and her life with Tim. However, a bond gradually develops that has the potential to change their lives forever.   BLU RAY £17.99

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UNIT ONE: SEASON 1 – Out on dvd January 2013

ImageUNIT ONE: SEASON 1 (15) 2000 DENMARK  £24.99
All nine episodes of the first season of the Danish crime drama starring Mads Mikkelsen and Charlotte Fich which follows an elite mobile task force as they solve high-profile cases. Ingrid Dahl (Fich) has only recently been promoted to commander of Unit One, a team given the role of helping the local police deal with difficult cases. But as the they descend deeper into the Danish underworld, each member of the unit must face issues in both their work and personal lives..

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FALSE TRAIL Out on dvd january 2013

ImageFALSE TRAIL (15) 2011 SWEDEN        SUNDVALL,  KJELL         £15.99
Swedish crime thriller starring Rolf Lassgard and Peter Stormare. The sequel to Jägarna (1996), the film concerns Erik (Lassgard) who is asked to return to his hometown in Sweden to solve a brutal murder. Although hesitant to go back due to unfavourable memories of the town, Erik accepts, but finding an answer to the murder proves a complex task.

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ABOVE THE STREET, BELOW THE WATER out of dvd January 2013


Fresh from appearing in Borgen,  Sidse Babett Knudsen stars in the contemporary Danish family drama alongside  Nicolas Bro.

Anne (Knudsen) and Ask (Bro) are a husband and wife struggling to juggle their commitments to their careers, their children and each other. But when Ask states that he wants a break from the marriage, it sets a chain of events in motion that will demand those involved to make some decisions about what they really desire.

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‘Above the Street, Below the Water is a genuine attempt to show some of the perils and pitfalls of marriage and families in the modern world. That it comes with an all-star Nordic cast is something of a bonus.’ see full review by  Ben Nicholson at  – ‘Above the Street, Below the Water’