Zambian film -I AM NOT A WITCH – issued on dvd

I Am Not a WitchI AM NOT A WITCH (12A) 2017 ZAMBIA RUNGANO, NYONI £12.99
This Zambian film contains elements of magical realist drama, deadpan satire and feminist allegory. Nine-year-old Zambian Shula is exiled to a witch camp after one of her fellow villagers claims she is a witch. At the camp local official decides she is his little witch and parades her around local TV stations, lining his pockets with any fees.

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Senegalese film – BOROM SARRET/LA NOIRE DE/BLACK GIRL – issued on dvd

La noire de./Black Girl’ (1966) follows young Senegalese nanny with high-hopes who travels to the Antibes with her white employers. Upon arrival in France, her relationship with her employers deteriorates as they subjugate her to the role of an all-purpose housemaid.

Sembène’s directional debut, the short Borom Sarret, was the first ever indigenous black African film. An allegorical tale exploring poverty and inequality, it follows the difficult life of a hard-up cart driver in Dakar.

In French with English subtitles

Special features

Alternative colour-sequence version of Black Girl

Sembène: The Making of African Cinema (Manthia Diawara, Thiong’o Ngugi-wa, 1994, 60 mins): award-winning feature-length documentary about the pioneering Senegalese filmmaker

Snatches of a conversation with Thérèse M’Bisine Diop (2005, 14 mins): an interview with the star of Black Girl filmed in Senegal

Sembène: a portrait (D. Sentilhes, B.Josse, 2003, 12 mins): an illustrated chronology of the director’s life in film

Booklet featuring a newly commissioned essay by Samba Gadjigo, and full film credits
Disc 1: BD50 | 1080p | 24fps | PCM mono audio (48k/24-bit) | Region B Blu-ray Disc 2: DVD9 | PAL | Dolby Digital 2.0 mono audio (320kbps) | Region 2 DVD

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Ethiopian film – DIFRET – available on dvd

DifretDIFRET (12A) 2014 ETHIOPIA MEHARI, ZERESENAY IN AMHARIC £17.99 Based on a true story of a 14-year-old girl who is kidnapped to marry but kills her intended husband. In the ensuing court case she argues self-defence, but will this be accepted in by the court when abduction into marriage is a tradition in the country.

In Amharic with English subtitle

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