Norwegian drama- VALKYRIEN -out on dvd

ValkyrienVALKYRIEN (15) 2017 NORWAY £24.99
After a doctor finds the treatment for his terminally ill wife is withdraw, the doctor opens his own illegal clinic below the underground station Valkyrien. Here he treats criminals and immigrants, hoping to make enough money to keep treating his wife.

In Norwegain  with English subtitles


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Norwegian comedy drama series – DAG – available on dvd

DAG: SEASON 3 (15) 2015 NORWAY £17.99
The complete third series of the Norwegian comedy drama starring Atle Antonsen as misanthropic marriage counsellor Dag, who believes that humans are better off living alone. After breaking up with girlfriend Eva, Dag relapses and returns to a life of drinking. Meanwhile, Eva is shocked when a friend from the past makes a surprise visit.

DAG: SEASON 1 (15) 2010 NORWAY £17.99
Marriage counsellor Dag, is still able to make a living from his profession even with his negative outlook. But can Dag’s best friend Benedikt and sister Marianne help bring meaning back into his life?

DAG: SEASON 2 (15) 2015 NORWAY £17.99
After Dag hits the bottle, his friend Benedict enters him into a rehab facility run by Benedict’s stepfather, the unconventional Ernst. Dag’s theory on the benefits of solitude is tested when he falls in love with Eva.

In Norwegian with English subtitles

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THALE – Out on dvd 25 March 2013

Image THALE (15) 2012 NORWAY  

Norwegian fantasy horror in which a pair of cleaners encounter a mythical creature in a basement. Leo (Jon Sigve Skard) and Elvis (Erlend Nervold) are used to the gruesome and macabre. As crime scene cleaners, they arrive after the police have done their work to remove the body and clean up the mess.

They encounter the most surprising sight yet on one of their assignments when they discover Thale (Silje Reinåmo) in a basement. Struck by her almost supernatural beauty, they begin to associate Thale with huldras, alluring creatures from Norwegian folklore that lured men to their death. In spite of her apparent helplessness, will Thale lead Leo and Elvis to a similar fate?

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HAPPY HAPPY – Out on dvd 25 February 2013

Image HAPPY HAPPY (15) 2010 NORWAY   SEWITSKY, ANNE    £15.99
Offbeat black comedy drama stars Agnes Kittelson as Kaja, a young woman living in a remote rural area and stuck in a dead-end marriage to a high school boyfriend she outgrew years ago. When a new family moves in next door, a young professional couple with their newly adopted African child, Kaja finds her own problems and limitations highlighted by their air of effortless urban glamour.

But it soon transpires that her new neighbours have plenty of issues of their own to contend with.

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JACKPOT – out on dvd January 2013

ImageJACKPOT (15) 2011 NORWAY     MARTENS, MAGNUS        £15.99
Crime thriller in which a young man attempts to explain how winning a jackpot on the pools with his friends led to chaos. The film opens with Oscar Svendsen (Kyrre Hellum) surrounded by armed police and dead bodies. He is taken into custody, and attempts to recall, for the benefit of Inspector Solar (Henrik Mestad), how he ended up in the situation; Oscar used to work as a supervisor at a factory, where he became friendly with a group of ex-convicts, Billy (Arthur Berning), Thor (Mads Ousdal) and Dan (Andreas Cappelen).

The four decided to enter a syndicate together and won a fortune and, as in so many cases, the money ultimately led to despair rather than happiness – though perhaps rarely in such a spectacular and brutal fashion. Solar listens to the tale with a growing sense of incredulity; how much is fact and how much is fiction?

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ImageKING OF DEVIL’S ISLAND (12A) 2010 NORWAY      HOLST, MARIUS    £17.99
On a remote island off the coast of Norway in 1915, Governor Bestyreren (Stellan Skarsgård) presides over the brutal and austere Bastoy Boys Reform School. When the paedophile house master, Master Bråthen (Kristoffer Joner), returns to the school under a cloud of corruption, he quickly resumes his exploitation of power, inflicting both mental and physical abuse on the boys.

The arrival of a new boy, 17-year-old Erling (Benjamin Helstad), leads to a thwarted escape attempt and a violent uprising among the boys, but it seems Erling’s fantasies of freedom are destined to remain unfulfilled..BLU RAY – £19.99

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