Some new BFI releases for Summer 2021

After LoveAFTER LOVE (12) 2020 KHAN, ALEEM BLU-RAY £19.99
Grappling with the unexpected death of her husband, Mary Hussain is tidying his things in their Dover home when she stumbles upon a secret connection he had across the Channel, in Calais.

Armed with just a bag and his mobile phone, she sets off to uncover the truth.

Beautifully directed by Aleem Khan and abetted by sensitive performances from Joanna Scanlan, Nathalie Richard and impressive youngster Talid Ariss, this is a drama of real insight about two women, living just 20 miles apart, who are separated by cultural difference and yet share a connection. A remarkable debut, whose delicate is a testament to the quality of its writing and performances, by its close you feel you truly know these people.

An Unflinching EyeAN UNFLINCHING EYE: THE FILMS OF RICHARD WOOLLEY (15) UK 1970-1988 (4-Disc DVD) £29.99
Richard Woolley created a body of exciting and challenging work that has remained almost impossible to see until now. Tackling controversial themes, such as class, race, sexuality and the human instinct for violence, Woolley directed a number of racial and uncompromising films, which explores the ways we relate to, and ultimately destroy, one another even as we strive to develop the means to better understand and communicate with those around us.

This collection offers the long-overdue opportunity to experience first-hand the power of such extraordinary and unique films as:

Illusive Crimewhich (1976) caused outrage upon its release.

Telling Tales (1978)  the much acclaimed soap-meets-Straub debut feature ..

Brothers and Sisters (1981), set against a backdrop of Yorkshire Ripper-style murders.

Girl from the South (1988) that views black Britons through the prism of an interracial relationship.


Audio commentary on Brothers and Sistersand Telling Tales: never-before-released audio commentaries by director Richard Woolley

Kniephofstrasse(1973, 35 mins): complex but compelling formalist film, which investigates the relationship between sound and image

Drinnenund Draussen/ Inside and Outside(1974, 40 mins): experimental narrative film exploring conformity in East and West Germany

Waiting for Alan (1984, 45 mins): unconventional, minutely observed domestic drama centred on the ritualised boredom of a middle-class housewife

Video interviews with Richard Woolley (79 minstotal): spilt over 4 discs, Richard Woolley discusses his career and films

Booklet featuring an essay by Anthony Neild and Richard Woolley’s article ‘Writer as Director: a case study -Brothers and Sisters’, pub

Anita is a young black woman, who dreams of becoming a successful dancehall deejay, whilst juggling the difficulties of raising her two children on a Harlesden housing estate.

Her ambitious babyfather Byron forges his own music career, unashamedly stealing lyrics from Anita in the process. Supported by her rude girl friends Anita is determined to make her mark, culminating in a dancehall battle against Byron.

Widely considered to be the first truly black British musical. Featuring music by Beres Hammond and Carroll Thompson’s this 90s gem stars familiar faces from stage and screen including Corinne Skinner-Carter (Burning an Illusion, Pressure) as Anita’s mum and Don Warrington (Rising Damp, Death in Paradise) as ruthless promotor Luther, Babymotheris released here for the first time on Blu-ray, newly remastered by

ChildrenCFF BUMPER BOX VOL. 3 (PG) (3-DISC DVD) £29.99
For over 30 years, The Children’s Film Foundation produced quality entertainment for young audiences, employing the cream of British filmmaking talent. Unavailable for years, these much-loved films finally make a welcome return to out screens. The Bumper Box Collection Vol.3 includes the following the following CFF adventures; The Clue of the Missing Ape, Adventure in the Hopfields, Tim Driscoll’s Donkey, Runaway Railway, Calamity the Cow, Cry Wolf, Big Wheels and Sailor, Breakoutand Our Exploits at West Poley. As always the films feature a plethora of familiar faces, including George Cole, Melvyn Hayes, John Moulder-Brown, Ronnie Barker, Shelia Reid, Brenda Frickerand of course last but not least, the one and only Phil Collins!

Watch Out(1953, 18 mins)
That’s an Order(1955, 18 mins)
Playground Express(1955, 18 mins)

British journalist Sullivan is based in the Middle East where he is covering the conflict between Jordan and Palestine when he discovers a woman, Friendship, stranded without a passport or official documentation. As the fighting intensifies Sullivan offers her a safe haven in his hotel room.

The pair begin a conversation and Friendship claims to be an android from another planet sent to bring peace to Earth.

Great Noises That Fill the AirGREAT NOISES THAT FILL THE AIR (PG) UK 2-DISC DVD £19.99
A number of documentaries made for the Arts Council between the years 1978 to 1996 that showcase a range of different subjects from the poetic to the political, featuring Linton Kwesi Johnson and John Cooper Clarke among others.

The titles are:

Dread Beat and Blood (1979, 44 mins)
Steve Reich: A New Musical Language (1987, 56 mins)
Elizabeth Maconchy (1984, 56 mins)
Strong Culture (1995, 6 mins)
Bristol Vibes (1996, 12 mins)
Clocks of the Midnight Hour: The Work of Max Eastley (1988, 27 mins)
Great Noises That Fill the Air: Bow Gamelan Ensemble (1988, 25 mins)Disc 2
Ten Years in an Open Necked Shirt (1984, 61 mins)
Celebrashan (1995, 6 mins)• Cornelius Cardew (1986, 52 mins)
Steel ‘N’ Skin (1979, 34 mins)
Chutney in YuhSoca (1996, 21 mins)
Music in Progress: Mike Westbrook Jazz (1978, 42 min)

Rod Steiger plays a Nazi concentration camp survivor who lost his wife and children in the camp. Now a Harlem pawnshop owner surrounded by endless parade of prostitutes, pimps and thieves he seems only to care about money.

However he is continually haunted by vivid flashbacks and takes refuge in misery and his bitter condemnation of humanity.

Jean Renoir’s intoxicating first colour feature shot entirely on location in India is a lyrical adaptation of Rumer Godden’s autobiographical coming-of-age tale of an adolescent girl living with her English family on the banks of West Bengal during the waning years of British colonial life.


High Definition digital transfer from the restoration by the Film Foundation

Introduction to The Riverby Indian filmmaker Kumar Shahan

TargetsTARGETS (15) 1968 BOGDANOVICH, PETER BLU RAY – £20.99
Boris Karloff plays an aging horror actor, Byron Orlok,who agrees to make one final final movie. Meanwhile, young war veteran Bobby Thompson grows increasingly frustrated and disillusioned by his life and uses his collection of firearms to go on a killing spree.

As Bobby takes up a position behind the projector of a drive-in cinema Byron may be the only one capable of ending the massacre.

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JARMAN: VOLUME TWO – 1987-1994 – issued on Blu Ray

Jarman 2JARMAN: VOLUME TWO – 1987-1994 (15) BLU RAY ONLY £62.99
Collection contains – ‘The Last of England’ (1987), ‘War Requiem’ (1989), ‘The Garden’ (1990), ‘Edward II’ (1991), ‘Wittgenstein’ (1993) & ‘Blue’ (1993) & ‘Glitterbug’ (1994).

‘The Last of England’ (1987) – chronicles England during Margaret Thatcher’s rule throughout the 1980s. Using impressionistic means the drama blends images of desolate streets as a personal reaction to the disintegration of society with symbolic references to the Falklands War and also the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

‘War Requiem’ (1989) – is a visual evocation of the 1963 recording of Benjamin Britten’s choral masterpiece of the same name, which blended the Latin Mass of the Dead with the war poetry of Wilfred Owen, starring Laurence Olivier, Tilda Swinton and Sean Bean.

‘The Garden’ (1990) – explores homosexuality and Christianity iconography juxtaposed with footage of Jarman’s own home and garden in Dungeness, Kent.

‘Edward II’ (1991) – a postmodern version of Christopher Marlowe’s play of the same name combining contemporary and medieval set-pieces, props and costumes.

‘Wittgenstein’ (1993) – is loosely based on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s biography, starring Karl Johnson and Michael Gough.

‘Blue’ (1993) – Jarman’s final feature, a single shot of blue is filling the screen as different narrators consider the colour as a character and contemplate on issues to do with love, disease, the meaning of art and mortality.

‘Glitterbug’ (1994) – released posthumously, is a montage of Super 8 footage shot by Jarman from 1970 to 1986. Part home-movie, part formal experimentation and part social documentary it chronicles Jarman’s life before his AIDS diagnosis, with music by Brian Eno.


Dead Cat (1989, 20 mins): Derek Jarman and his friend and collaborator Genesis P-Orridge both feature in this startling surrealist films in which a young man is terrorised and humiliated, later engaging in a mechanised, industrial sexual encounter

Isle of Sheppey (1984, 7 mins): edited highlights from a VHS video shot on a location-hunting expedition, cameraman Derek Jarman chats to writer and cultural historian Jon Savage

Depuis le jour: excerpt from Aria (1987, 5 mins): Derek Jarman’s sequence from the anthology film Aria

Depuis le jour audio commentary by producer Don Boyd

Remembering Derek Jarman (2014, 13 mins)

James Mackay Remembers The Last of England (2019, 14 mins)

Don Boyd Remembers The Last of England and Aria (2019, 16 mins)

Homemade Stuff and Wild Ideas: Simon Fisher Turner on Derek Jarman (2019, 16 mins): the musician and composer looks back on his long and unconventional involvement with Derek Jarman’s art

Another Derek: Jarman’s Life Away From the Limelight (2019, 5 mins): interview with artist filmmaker John Scarlett-Davis

An Odd Morality (2019, 4 mins): interview with Lee Drysdale

Another World for Ourselves (2019, 9 mins): director John Maybury remembers meeting Jarman

David Lewis Remembers Dead Cat (2019, 15 mins)

Audio commentary on The Last of England with James Mackay, Christopher

Hughes, Christopher Hobbs and Simon Fisher Turner

Books By My Bedside: Derek Jarman (1989, 25 mins)

Derek Jarman in Conversation with Simon Field (1989, 32 mins)

Requiem for Jarman (2008, 37 mins): recollections on the making of War Requiem

Don Boyd Remembers War Requiem (2019, 38 mins)

John Maybury Remembers War Requiem (2019, 8 mins)

The Nature of Super 8 (2019, 8 mins)

Caravaggio Was Accidental (2019, 10 mins): Simon Fisher Turner remembers his first feature soundtrack for Derek Jarman

Before the Last (2019, 15 mins): James Mackay recalls working with Derek Jarman on The Angelic Conversation and Imagining October

Derek Jarman Presents (2019, 27 mins): John Maybury remembers the Super 8 filmmaking scene

Audio commentary on War Requiem with Don Boyd

Derek’s Shoot in Dungeness (1990, 6 mins)

The Wanderer (1991, 30 mins): experimental film by David Lewis and Andy Crabb based on the Anglo-Saxon poem of the same name

Kiss 25 Goodbye (1991, 7 mins): documents, in bold experimental fashion, the 1991 OutRage! ‘kiss-in’ protest at Bow Street police station

Clause and Effect (1988, 19 mins): showing the gay community uniting against homophobic forces and the government around the issue of Clause 28

Orange Juice (1984, 41 mins): Derek Jarman’s location shoot for the promo for ‘What Presence?!’ by post-punk band Orange Juice who were fronted by
Edwyn Collins

Shooting the Hunter (2015, 5 mins)

James Mackay Remembers The Garden (2019, 15 mins)

Anything Can Happen (2019, 11 mins): Richard Heslop on working with Derek Jarman

David Lewis Remembers The Garden (2019, 15 mins)

The Other Great Masterpiece (2019, 6 mins): John Maybury considers Jarman’s enthusiasm for gardening

Life with Derek: Simon Fisher Turner’s Recordings (2018, 44 mins): The composer’s collage of audio clips recorded during his adventures with Derek Jarman and friends

Derek’s Edward (2009, 24 mins): the making of Edward II

Ostia (1987, 27 mins): Jarman embodies Pier Paolo Pasolini in this ambitious student film imagining the last hours of the Italian director’s life
Ostia audio commentary

The Clearing (1993, 7 mins): short film by Alex Bistikas starring Derek Jarman and Keith Collins

The Extended Derek Jarman Interview (1991, 70 mins): Colin McCabe discuses films and filmmaking with Derek Jarman

Cut/Action (2019, 8 mins): Simon Fisher Turner provides the music and narration for this video essay

David Lewis Remembers Edward II (2019, 4 mins)

The Same Spirit (2019, 6 mins): Don Boyd remembers Jarman’s later years

Truly Beautiful (2019, 19 mins): interview with award-winning costumer designer Sandy Powell

Derek Jarman in Conversation with Colin McCabe (1991, 97 mins, audio only)

Karl Johnson on Wittgenstein (2007, 9 mins)

Tilda Swinton on Wittgenstein and Derek Jarman (2007, 10 mins)

Tariq Ali on Producing Wittgenstein (2007, 9 mins)

Wittgenstein: Behind the Scenes (1993, 22 mins)

Wittgenstein: An Introduction (2007, 4 mins)

Face to Face: Derek Jarman (1993, 41 mins): Derek Jarman interviewed by Jeremy Isaacs

Producer Tariq Ali on Wittgenstein (2014, 7 mins)

Jarmanalia with Simon Fisher Turner (2019, 17 mins)

Films Made By A Painter (2019, 5 mins): James Mackay reflects on Jarman’s distinctive style as a filmmaker

21st Century Nuns (1994, 10 mins)

Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman (2009, 13 mins)

James Mackay Remembers Blue (2019, 15 mins)

Simon Fisher Turner Remembers Blue (2019, 8 mins)

David Lewis Remembers Blue (2019, 13 mins)

Hard to Imagine (2019, 8 mins): John Maybury recalls Jarman’s journey towards Blue

After the Garden (2019, 10 mins): Richard Heslop remembers Jarman’s later days

Total Magic (2019, 6 mins): production designer Christopher Hobbs looks back upon Jarman’s fascination with occult imagey

After Neutron (2019, 8 mins): interview with Lee Drysdale

The Best Mentor (2019, 9 mins): John Scarlett-Davis recalls Jarman’s latter days and reflects uponhis artistic legacy

Glitterbug and Beyond (2019, 7 mins): James Mackay remembers the production of Glitterbug

David Lewis Remembers Glitterbug (2019, 7 mins)

Bliss (1991, 40 mins, audio)

An assortment of image galleries including rare stills and promotional materials from all of the included feature films

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WOODFALL A REVOLUTION IN BRITISH CINEMA (15) 1959-1965 – issued as 8 DVD set £69.99 & 9 disc Bli-Ray Set – £79.99

woodfallWOODFALL – A REVOLUTION IN BRITISH CINEMA (15) 1959-1965 – 8 DVD SET £69.99 9 DISC BLU-RAY SET – £79.99
Features –

Look Back in Anger (Tony Richardson, 1959),

The Entertainer (Tony Richardson, 1960),

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (Karel Reisz, 1960),

A Taste of Honey (Tony Richardson, 1961),

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (Tony Richardson, 1962),

Tom Jones (Tony Richardson, 1963) (New 4K digital restorations of the original theatrical version of the film and the 1989 director’s cut),

Girl with Green Eyes (Desmond Davis, 1964),

The Knack…and how to get it (Richard Lester, 1965),
Plus over 20 hours of extra material and an 80-page book featuring essays on all 8 films.

As the 1960s beckoned, a new mood swept through Britain. With anger mounting at an out-of-touch establishment, the era was reflected onscreen by the rise of Woddfall Films. Founded in 1958 by director Tony Richardson, writer John Osborne and producer Harry Saltzman, the company pioneered the British New Wave, defining an incendiary brand of social realism. In films like Look Back in Anger(1959) and Saturday Nightand Sunday Morning (1960) working-class life was spot-lit with unheard-of honesty. The same risk-taking spirit led the company to find a new generation of brilliant young actors to star in their films, including Albert Finney, Tom Coutenay and Rita Tushingham. Films like Tom Jones (1963) then expanded the Woodfalls late in an irreverent, colourful direction that helped define swinging London– further securing their extraordinary chapter in the history of British Film. From 1958–1984 Woodfall produced twenty award-winning often genre defining films. Here, presented for the first time are eight of Woodfall’s early ground-breaking films, many newly restored and remastered.

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Basil Dearden’s – THEY CAME TO A CITY – issued as a 2 Disc dual format set Blu-Ray/Dvd

Based on J.B. Priestley’s play, as group of people find themselves in a utopian paradise or their own idea of Hell depending on their backgrounds and their experiences throughout their lives.


Special Features

Includes the documentaries:
‘We Live in Two Worlds’ (1937) – A GPO film about communications technology, narrated by J B Priestley
‘Britain at Bay’ (1940) – A wartime propaganda film, narrated by J B Priestley

‘A City Reborn’ (1945) – A propaganda film written by Dylan Thomas; ‘Charlie in New Town’ – An animated short film
‘Your Very Good Health’ (1948) – An animated short film

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JARMAN: VOLUME ONE – 1976-1986 – issued as a 2 Disc dual format set Blu-Ray/Dvd

Collection of the following films – ‘In the Shadow of the Sun’ (1974), ‘Sebastiane’ (1976), ‘Jubilee’ (1978), ‘The Tempest’ (1979), ‘The Angelic Conversation’ (1985) and ‘Caravaggio’ (1986).

‘In the Shadow of the Sun’ (1974) – Jarman’s debut abstract short film, is comprised of a series of Super 8 films and is provided with a soundtrack from music group Throbbing Gristle.

‘Sebastiane’ (1976) – is Derek Jarman’s debut feature film, is an account of the Catholic saint, Sebastiane entirely in Latin.

‘Jubilee’ (1978) – Jarman’s punk movie, which transports Queen Elizabeth I to
1978, where she witnesses her kingdom in decay and the collapse of the fabric of society.

‘The Tempest’ (1979) – interpretation of Shakespeare’s final play, tells the tale of colonialism, revenge, retribution and reconciliation.

‘The Angelic Conversation’ (1985) – is a selection of Shakespeare’s sonnets are read by Judi Dench over music by Coil and tableaux images of landscapes and people.

‘Caravaggio’ (1986) – is a stylised biopic portrays the life of the Italian Renaissance painter Caravaggio.

Special features –

All films presented in High Definition for the first time in the UK

Sebastiane: A Work in Progress (c.1975): newly remastered from 16mm film elements held by the BFI National Archive, this sadly incomplete early black and white work-print of Sebastiane differs significantly from the finished film. This previously unseen alternate edit – assembled in a different order, featuring a different soundtrack – was never subtitled or released

The Making of Sebastiane (Derek Jarman & Hugh Smith, 1975): previously unseen Super 8 footage shot on location in Sardinia

Jazz Calendar (1968): a rarely screened documentary record of the 1968 ballet by Frederick Ashton, performed by The Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House, for which Jarman designed sets and costumes

Sloane Square: A Room of One’s Own (1974-76)

John Scarlett-Davis remembers Sebastiane (2018): the artist filmmaker talks about his experiences on the set of Sebastiane

Message from the Temple (1981)

TG: Psychic Rally in Heaven (1981)

Pirate Tape (WS Burroughs Film) (1982)

Toyah Willcox: Being Mad (2014); the singer and actress looks back on her role in Jubilee

Jordan remembers Jubilee (2018): punk icon Jordan looks back on her friendship with Derek Jarman and the making of Jubilee

Stormy Weather: the Magic Behind The Tempest (2016): Toyah Willcox and

Stuart Hopps share their memories of working on Derek Jarman’s 1979 production of The Tempest

John Scarlett-Davis remembers The Tempest (2018): the artist filmmaker looks back on his time as Derek Jarman’s assistant on the set of The Tempest

Don Boyd remembers The Tempest (2018): Producer and filmmaker Don Boyd remembers the production, release and critical reception of The Tempest

A Meeting of Minds: Christopher Hobbs on collaborating with Derek Jarman (2018): production designer Christopher Hobbs looks back on his long and fruitfully creative friendship with Derek Jarman

Fragments of Memory: Christopher Hobbs on working with Derek Jarman (2007): archive interview with the production designer

To the Cliffs: James Mackay on working with Derek Jarman (2007): archive interview with producer James Mackay on his numerous collaborations with Jarman

Derek Jarman:The Films that Never Were (2018): Christopher Hobbs, John Scarlett-Davis and Lee Drysdale look back on unrealised Derek Jarman features, including Egyptian period drama Akhenaten and science fiction horror Neutron

Akhenaten Image Gallery: a selection of beautiful illustrations, images and production designs for the unmade feature by production designer Christopher Hobbs

Neutron storyboards: revealed here in their entirety for the first time, the complete set of brilliant comic-strip style storyboards for this provocative science fiction project, drawn by Christopher Hobbs

Caravaggio in Docklands (1985)

Kind Blasphemy: Nigel Terry on Derek Jarman and Caravaggio (2007)

Tilda Swinton on Derek Jarman and Caravaggio (2007): archive interview with the Academy Award-winning actress

Italy of the Memory: Christopher Hobbs on Caravaggio (2007)

Dexter Fletcher on Caravaggio (2014)

Lee Drysdale remembers Jubilee (2018): Derek Jarman’s friend and, later script collaborator recalls his unconventional involvement in the making of Jubilee

Christopher Hobbs remembers Caravaggio (2018): further reminiscences of the making of Caravaggio from its production designer

Derek Jarman interviewed by Derek Malcolm (1986, audio only)

In the Studio: Caravaggio soundtrack recording sessions (1986, audio only)

Derek Jarman’s Caravaggio notebook (Gallery)
Five galleries featuring storyboards, production designs and Jarman’s notes on Caravaggio

Image galleries for Sebastiane, Jubilee, The Tempest, The Angelic Conversation and Caravaggio

Original theatrical trailers for The Angelic Conversation and Caravaggio

Fully illustrated 80-page book with new writing on the film, contemporary reviews and full film credits

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Some BFI releases for April 2017

Intended to be shown to the German people in 1946 damn the Nazi regime and shame the German people in to acceptance of Allied occupation, a complete rough-cut of this disturbing documentary revealing the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps was viewed at the Ministry of Information in London and in the end never shown.

In September 1945 Sidney Bernstein led a small team –which included Stewart McAllister, Richard Crossman and Alfred Hitchcock–to complete the film from hours of footage and to create a feature-length visual report on the Nazi atrocities. However the project was left unfinished and shelved.

Even in its incomplete form, the film was immensely powerful, generating an awed hush among audiences. But now, complete to six reels, this faithfully restored and definitive version produced by the Imperial War Museums and with a newly recorded narration by actor Jaspar Britton, has been rightfully compared with Alain Resnais’ Night and Fog (1955).

•Format: 2 x DVD9 + 1 X BD50
•Production: UK | 1945/2014 | black and white | 72 mins (+ extras) | Subtitles: English hard-of-hearing, German, Hebrew, French, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Italian, Czech and Dutch | Cert 18
•DISC 1: BD50 | 1080p | 24fps | PCM stereo audio (48kHz/24-bit)
•DISC 2 and Disc 3: DVD9 | PAL | Dolby Digital stereo audio (192kbps)

Special features:
•New restoration by IWM (Imperial War Museums)
•Presented with both an optional contextualising intro and outro
•Panel Discussion at the BFI Southbank (2015, 42 mins): restoration director Dr Toby Haggith(IWM) is joined on-stage by a panel of experts to discuss the film
•Audio Commentary with Dr Toby Haggithand senior curator Patrick Russell (BFI)
•VoxPops Compilation(2015, 6 mins): cinema-goers reflect after a screening at the BFI Southbank
•Interview with Ludwig Weill at Fort Breendonk(1945, 5 mins): archival interview with a freed prisoner
•Interviews and Statements at Bergen-Belsen(1945, 17 mins): archival interviews with SS soldiers, freed prisoners and members of the British Army
•Interviews and Statements at Dachau(1945, 12 mins): archival interviews with recently liberated prisoners
•Interview with Petr Zenkl(1945, 12 mins): archival interview with the Czech politician who was imprisoned at Dachau and Buchenwald
•Alternate archival soundtrack
•80-page perfect-bound book with new writing on the film, and full film credits


Set in 1930s Shanghai and staring one of the early stars of Chinese cinema, Lingyu Ruan, who play a ‘goddess’ (a euphemism for a prostitute). Forced to resort to prostitution in order to feed herself and her young son she is shamed by her neighbours.

This profoundly moving but rarely seen classic of world cinema is a tragic tale of shame and maternal sacrifice.
The film 24 year old star Lingyu Ruan committed suicide ay ear after the film’s release.

Newly restored by the Chinese Film Archive
•Production: China | 1934 | black and white | 78 minutes | silent, Mandarin intertitles with English subtitles | original aspect ratio 1.33:1 | PAL | 25fps | PCM 2.0 stereo audio (48kHz/24-bit) | region 2

Gripping silent thriller about love, remorse and betrayal set among a group of revolutionaries in the newly independent Ireland of 1922. The film is based on Liam O’Flaherty’s novel.

•Production: UK | 1929 |black and white and t | 100 minutes | silent with music | original aspect ratio 1.33:1 | BD50: 1080p, 24fps, DTS-HD Master Sound 5.1 and PCM 2.0 stereo audio (48kHz/24-bit), region free | DVD9: PAL, 25fps, region 0

Special features:

•A new restoration presented in High Definition and Standard Definition
•The Sound version of The Informer (1929, 84 mins)
•Restoration Demonstration (2016, 5 mins)
•Shaping the Silence (2017, 10 mins)
•A selection of Topical Budget films from the newly independent Ireland: I Want Peace (1921) | Is it the Dawn? (1921) | Historic Unionist Conference at Liverpool (1921) | Irish Peace Imperilled By Extremists (1921) | Further Pictures if the Irish Peace (1921) | Surrender of Dublin castle (1922) | British Evacuate Ireland after Hundreds of Years of Occupation (1922) | Dublin’s Civil War (1922)
•Illustrated booklet with full film credits and essays by Bryony Dixon, Garth Knox and Michael Brooke

Two Liverpool girls (Alexandra Pigg and Margi Clarke are out for a night on the town when they meed two Russian sailors (Alfred Molina and Peter Firth) on shore leave and love blossoms.

One of the Key 1980s British films set against a backdrop of Thatcherism, Liverpool and the cold war
Special features:
•Presented in High Definition and Standard Definition
•An Interview with Margi Clarke (2017, 35 mins)
•An Interview with Alexandra Piggand Peter Firth (2017, 14 mins)
•Audio commentary with Margi Clarke

Key film from the golden age of the 1970s New Hollywood. Alice (Ellen Burstyn), along with her young son leave their home in New Mexico to return as an independent woman to Monterey. However to reach her destination, Alice has to stop off along the way to make enough money for her and Tommy to survive.

•Production: USA | 1974 | colour | English language with optional hard-of-hearing subtitles | 107 minutes | DVD9 | original aspect ratio 1.85:1 | Dolby Digital 2.0 mono | region 2
Special features:

•Partial audio commentary with director Martin Scorsese and actors Ellen Burstyn, Kris Kristofferson and Diane Ladd
•Second Chances… The Making of Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (20 mins)
•Original theatrical trailer (2 mins)
•Illustrated booklet featuring full credits and essays by Nicholas Pillai and Christina Newland.

Who's That Knocking at My DoorWHO’S THAT KNOCKING AT MY DOOR? (15) 1967 SCORSESE, MARTIN £19.99
Powerful drama shot in gritty black and white on the streets of the New York among the Italian community. The film stars Harvey Keitel and introduces us to classic Scorsese themes of Catholic guilt, Italian mother and repressed sexuality in the violent streets of New York.
•Production: USA | 1967 | black and white | English language with optional hard-of-hearing subtitles | 86 minutes | DVD9 | original aspect ratio 1.85:1 | Dolby Digital 2.0 mono | region 2

Special features:
•Partial audio commentary with director Martin Scorsese and MardikMartin
•From the Classroom to the Streets: The Making of Who’s that Knocking at My Door (13 mins)
•Illustrated booklet featuring full credits and an essay by Christina Newland.

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Peter Greenaway film -EISENSTEIN IN GUANAJUATO – issued on dvd

Eisenstein in GuanajuatoEISENSTEIN IN GUANAJUATO (18) 2015 GREENAWAY, PETER DVD – £15.99 BLU RAY – £19.99
Set in Mexico in 1931 during the filming of ‘Que Viva Mexico!, the drama looks at Soviet film-maker Sergei Eisenstein relationship with young actor Jorge Palomino y Cañedo.

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Lost British film – SYMPTOMS – issued as dual format dvd and Blu Ray edition

SymptomsSYMPTOMS (18) UK 1974 LARRAZ, JOSÉ RAMÓN £19.99
Sophisticated modern gothic horror was the official 1974 British Palme d’Or entry at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival, but it slipped into obscurity soon after. Long considered lost, the original negatives were rediscovered by the BFI in 2014, and have now been remastered to 2K for this world-premiere release.

Dual format dvd and Blu Ray edition.

Special features:

•World premiere edition

•Newly remastered in 2K and presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition

•From Barcelona… to Tunbridge Wells: The Films of José Larraz(Andrew Starke and Pete Tombs, 1999, 24 mins)

•On Vampyresand Other Symptoms (Celia Novis, 2011, 74 mins)

•An interview with Angela Pleasence(2016, 10 mins)

•An interview with Lorna Heilbron(2016, 18 mins)

•An interview with Brian Smedley-Aston (2016, 17 mins)

•Original theatrical trailer

•Illustrated booklet with essays and film credits

Disc 1: BD50 | 1080p | 24fps | PCM mono audio (48kHz/24-bits) | Region free

Disc 2: DVD9 | PAL | 25fps | Dolby Digital 1.0 audio (192kbps) | Region 0
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ITV 60 – 12 disc dvd collection

ITV 60ITV 60 (15) 2015 12 DISCS £79.99
A mixture of both classics and rarities (including some programmes thought lost forever), this set contains previously unreleased episodes of Crossroads, Rainbow, Tiswas, Coronation Street, World in Action, The Bill and Whicker’s World – together with some exceptionally rare items from the Associated Rediffusion archive: No Hiding Place, Mystery Bag, Crane and Our Man at St. Mark’s.


ITV Opening Night Preview | Thunderbirds: Trapped in the Sky | The Army Game: April Fool | Man About the House: While the Cat’s Away | Robin of Sherwood: The Greatest Enemy | The Prisoner: Checkmate


Pathfinders in Space: Convoy to the Moon | The Larkins: Frightful Nightful | Sunday Night at the London Palladium: 28/11/1965 | The World at War: It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow | Callan: Let’s Kill Everybody


Catweazle: The Sun in a Bottle | The Arthur Haynes Show: 08/12/1962 | The Avengers: The Winged Avenger | Public Eye: My Life’s My Own | An Audience with Dame Edna


Crossroads: 26/10/1983 | On the Buses: The Strain | The Saint: The Contract | The Tommy Cooper Hour: 21/04/1974 | Auf Wiedershen Pet: The Alien


Rainbow: 26/12/1975 | Pipkins: Cowboys | Doctor in the House: What Seems To Be The Trouble? | The Power Game: The New Boy | 21


Magpie: 26/11/1976 | Shut That Door! | Space 1999: Breakaway | No Hiding Place: A Bird to Watch the Marbles | The Sweeney: Tomorrow Man


Tiswas: 30/08/1975 | Four Feather Falls: Horse Thieves | The Stanley Baxter Moving Picture Show | Gideon’s Way: The Wall | Tales of the Unexpected: Royal Jelly


The Adventures of Robin Hood: The Coming of Robin Hood | Nearest and Dearest: What Seems to be the Trouble? | Rising Damp: Black Magic | Mystery Bag: Lockhart Finds a Note | Upstairs Downstairs: Miss Forrest | Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia


Ace of Wands: Peacock Pie 1 | Coronation Street: 18/05/1964 | Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased): Could You Recognise the Man Again? | Crane: A Cargo of Cornflour | Soldier Soldier: Stormy Weather


A Fine Romance: Series 2 episode 6 | World in Action: The Chart Busters | The Professionals: Blind Run | Inspector Morse: Driven to Distraction


George and Mildred: Moving On | Jason King: To Russia With… Panache | The Main Chance: The Best Legal System in the World | Justice: A Nice Straight-forward Treason | Strange World of Gurney Slade: Episode 1


Our Man at St Mark’s: The Facts of Life | The Bill: The Short Straw | Man at the Top: I’ll Do the Dirty Work | Whicker’s World Aboard The Orient Express | Armchair Theatre: Afternoon of a Nymph

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MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL – issued in dual format edition by BFI

This adaptation of T S Eliot’s classic verse drama recounting the love-hate relationship between 12th century British monarch Henry ll and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket.

The film is unique in its use of mainly non-professional actors to tell the story of Becket’s temptations before he was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170.
This rarely-seen film features Eliot’s voice as well as music by the internationally renowned composer Làszló Lajtha.

Also included in this in this specially-curated edition are three of Hoellering’s richly evocative short films.
Special features
•New High Definition transfers of all films

•Original theatrical version (114 mins, black and white)

•Alternative festival cut (136 mins, black and white, Blu-ray exclusive): longer version of Murder in the Cathedral containing alternative and additional sequences

•Alternative and deleted sequences (black and white, DVD only): footage from the longer festival cut of Murder in the Cathedral

•Message from Canterbury (George Hoellering, 1944): documentary short in which the Archbishop Dr. William Temple delivers his sermon

•Shapes and Forms (George Hoellering, 1950): a striking and expressive film in which examples of primitive and modern art are juxtaposed to reveal correspondences

•Glasgow Orpheus Choir (George Hoellering, 1951): charming short made after the announcement of the retirement of the choir’s conductor, Sir Hugh Roberton

•Fully illustrated booklet with essays by Andrew Hoellering and András Szekfü, and full film credits

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Amma Asante’s film – BELLE – get dvd and Blu Ray release

BelleBELLE (12A) 2014 UK ASANTE, AMMA DVD – £19.99 BLU RAY – £27.99

Period drama inspired by the 1779 painting of Dido Elizabeth Belle and her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray. Dido is an African woman who is sent to be in England on the estate of . Lord Mansfield, here she quickly realises that her ethnicity is problematic in this upper class society.

Though her cousin Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon) accepts her friendship immediately and the girls become inseparable, Lord Mansfield and Lady Mansfield (Emily Watson) are tormented by the question of Dido’s social status.
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Joanna Hogg’s EXHIBITION gets UK dvd and Blu Ray release

ExhibitionEXHIBITION (15) 2013 UK HOGG, JOANNA     DVD – £15.99 BLU RAY – £19.99

D and H (Viv Albertine and Liam Gillick) are two wealthy artists living in their well-maintained modernist house in London. Willingly isolated from their friends and without a family of their own, the pair keep mainly to themselves even at home.

As they seek to sell the house which has been their home for the past 18 years, the thought of moving elsewhere produces great resentment and tension between them which in turn causes the intimacy and communication in their relationship to become almost non-existent.

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Good VibrationsGOOD VIBRATIONS (15) 2012   UK    BARROS D’SA, L/LEYBURN, G   £15.99
Biopic chronicling the life of the Northern Irish music promoter Terri Hooley, who championed the emerging Belfast punk music scene during the 1970s. Eager to shift thoughts away from those of the Troubles, music fanatic Terri (Richard Dormer) opens a record store, ‘Good Vibrations’, in the heart of one of Belfast’s roughest districts. As the shop gains a loyal following, Terri, operating on a shoestring, decides to start a small record label with the aim of launching some of the local bands he’s discovered, notably The Undertones.

In it strictly for the music, Terri’s naivety in business soon causes conflict, particularly at home, but the impassioned support for the Undertones first single, ‘Teenage Kicks’, by Radio 1 DJ John Peel, soon helps to justify Terri’s overarching vision for an alternative Ulster.

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British comedy in which a high-flying businessman is brought down to earth by the financial crisis and forced to re-open a fish and chip shop with his estranged brother. Having climbed his way to the top, Harry Papadopoulos (Stephen Dillane) enjoys his millionaire lifestyle. However, while on the brink of completing a huge property deal that will enrich him even further, the markets are thrown into turmoil and the banks withdraw funds from the project.

Harry loses everything overnight save the humble fish and chip shop he ran with his brother Spiros (Georges Corraface) before he made it big. Harry hasn’t seen his brother for years but finds himself with little choice other than to reconnect with his less sophisticated sibling and to renew their heated rivalry with Hassan (George Savvides), the owner of the local Turkish kebab shop.

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Collection of four British films produced by Ealing Studios. In ‘The House of the Spaniard’ (1936), a meek clerk finds out that his employer, a Spanish revolutionary, is engaged in illegal activity and is subsequently kidnapped and taken to Spain during the Civil War. In ‘The Shiralee’ (1957), an Australian man takes his child from her unfit mother.

As father and daughter travel around the Outback together their relationship grows ever stronger. In ‘The Ware Case’ (1938), a financier is acquitted of murder only to discover that his troubles are far from over. In ‘The Beloved Vagabond’ (1936), a French architect returns to his home country after learning that the woman he has fallen for is engaged to another.

Having left his job, he sets up an entertainment act with a gypsy woman who he becomes very fond of. When he finds out that his love did not go through with the wedding he must choose between the two women.

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SHELLSHELL (15) 2012 UK    GRAHAM , SCOTT    DVD –  £15.99 BLU RAY –  £19.99
Scott Graham’s directorial debut examines the intense relationship between a father and daughter living a secluded life in the Highlands of Scotland. Ever since her mother walked out on the family when she was a young girl, 17-year-old Shell (Chloe Pirrie) has lived with her epileptic, emotionally-damaged father, Pete (Joseph Mawle), helping to run their remote petrol station-cum-breakdown yard in an area of the Highlands known as the ‘Great Wilderness’. A bright girl, but with underlying issues, Shell’s refusal to acknowledge the advances of locals Hugh and Adam (Michael Smiley and Iain De Caestecker) in favour of her dad’s company, signals potential problems ahead.

Her horizons are unexpectedly widened, however, when a chance meeting with an Edinburgh couple results in her receiving a copy of Carson McCullers’ novel ‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’, an exploration of alienation and loneliness in 1930s America.

Interview by the director –

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This Dual Format Edition completes the BFI’s acclaimed Complete Humphrey Jennings Collection, making available all the films directed by Britain’s greatest filmmaker available on Blu-ray and DVD.

The films of Humphrey Jennings have proved hugely influential over the last 60 years – this can be felt in the works of Lindsay Anderson (If.…) and more recent filmmakers, such as Kevin MacDonald (Touching the Void, Marley). Jennings was also a major influence for Frank Cottrel Boyce and Danny Boyle, whose 2012 Olympics ceremony used Jennings’ book, Pandæmonium as its inspiration.

Volume three includes the following films:

•The True Story of Lili Marlane (1944)
•The Eighty Days(1944)
•Myra Hess (1945)
•A Diary for Timothy (1945)
•A Defeated People (1946)
•The Cumberland Story (1947)
•The Dim Little Island (1949)
•Family Portrait (1950)
Special features
V.1 (1944): a shorter cut of The Eighty Days, made for overseas distribution
The Good Life (1951): The film Jennings was working on at his death

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Other volumes in the series –
Collection of 15 documentary shorts from British filmmaker Humphrey Jennings. The films in this volume are  (1934), Locomotives (1934), The Story of the Wheel (1934), Farwell Topsails (1937), Penny Journey (1938), Speaking from America (1938), The Farm (1938), Making Fashion (1938), Spare Time (1939), SS Ionian (1939), The First Days (1939), Spring Offensive (1940), Welfare of the Workers (1940)
London Can Take it! (1940)

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This, the second of three volumes which collect together Jennings’ entire output, gathers five films from 1941-1943 and shows Jennings at the peak of his tragically short but outstanding career. The film are  The Heart of Britain (1941), Words for Battle (1941), Listen to Britain (1941), Fires Were Started (1943) & The Silent Village (1943)
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Ealing Studios Rarities Collection Volume 4EALING RARITIES COLLECTION: VOLUME FOUR (U) £14.99
Fourth collection of classic features from the iconic British film studio. ‘Secret of the Loch’ (1934) stars Seymour Hicks as an elderly professor who sets out in search of the Loch Ness Monster. What will he discover? ‘Birds of Prey’ (1930) follows a pair of criminals who set out to exact revenge on the police commissioner who sent them to prison.

Robert Loraine, Warwick Ward and Frank Lawton star. ‘Davy’ (1957) tracks the dilemma faced by the eponymous character (Harry Secombe) as to whether he should continue touring with his family music hall act, the Mad Morgans, or set out alone. Finally, ‘The Loves of Joanna Godden’ (1947) follows a young woman who determines to make her own way in life.

By choosing to run the farm she has inherited and declining wealthy suitors, Joanna (Googie Withers) upsets many in the local community, but will she find happiness?

Double bill of 1950s British crime thrillers produced by Corsair Pictures. In ‘The Harassed Hero’ (1954), based on the novel by Ernest Dudley, Murray Selwyn (Guy Middleton) is suffering from a nervous disorder and has been advised by his physicians to avoid stressful situations. Unluckily for him, however, he inadvertantly becomes involved in a crime plot when he comes into the possession of some valuable equipment that a gang of counterfeiters are eager to get hold of.

In ‘The Night Won’t Talk’ (1952), a model is strangled to death and with her ex-husband, her new lover and an artist all suspects in the case, the police enlist the help of a renowned sculptress in a plan to catch the killer.

Double bill of 1950s British crime thrillers produced by Corsair Pictures. In ‘Meet Mr Malcolm’ (1954), mystery writer Colin Knowles (Richard Gale) attempts to solve a real-life murder when his wife’s employer is found dead. With the arrival of some disturbing letters, it looks as though the killer is about to strike again…

In ‘I’m a Stranger’ (1952), George Westcott (Patric Doonan) travels to London to collect a large inheritance but his grandfather’s will has disappeared. He gets assistance from film star Greta Gynt (playing herself), Police Inspector Craddock (Hector Ross) and window cleaner Horatio Flowerdew (James Hayter) as he deals with members of the family who have been cut out of the will. But it appears that George is not all he seems…

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