Hungarian film – MY 20TH CENTURY – issued on dvd

My 20th CenturyMY 20TH CENTURY (15) 1989 ENYEDI, ILDIKÓ £12.99
Comedy drama about identical twin sisters Dóra and Lili who are adopted by two different families following the death of their mother. Years later Lili a revolutionary planing a assassination, meets Z who then also comes across the other estranged twin.

In Hungarian with English subtitles

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Miklós Jancsó’s -ELECTRA, MY LOVE – issued on dvd

Many years after the death of her father Agamemnon, at the hands of the tyrant Aegisthus , oppressed Electra seeks revenge by inspiring the people to rebel against Aegisthus and end his cruel reign once and for all.

The film is seen as one of Miklós Jancsó’s finest works. Set amidst the open plains and grasslands of Hungary, and shot in twelve long, beautiful, intricately choreographed takes by cinematographer János Kende, it is a provocative call to arms against any system that rules without justice.

An expert in the symbolic expression of forbidden political ideas, Jancsó here radically reworks the ancient Greek myth as a philosophical reflection on the dialectics of power and oppression.

In Hungarian with English subtitles

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Forgotten Hungarian masterpiece – PEOPLE OF THE MOUNTAINS – out on dvd

People of the MountainsPEOPLE OF THE MOUNTAINS (15) 1942 HUNGARY SZÖTS, ISTVÁN £12.99
Forgotten masterpiece, filmed entirely on location in harsh conditions, tells the story of a woodcutter and his family who live high in mountains of Transylvania. Forced out of their home and enticed into a new work the families life begins to unravel one tragic misfortune after another.

Condemned as Communist propaganda, Szots’ debut was refused a distribution license by Joseph Goebbels the Nazi minister for Propaganda. Nevertheless the film went onto to win a prize at the 1942 Venice Film Festival and later cited as an early model for the post-war Italian Neorealism movement.
In Hungarian with Engish subtitles

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– People of the Mountains (1942) – presented from a brand new 2K digital restoration of the film from original nitrate image and sound negatives, supervised by the Hungarian National Digital Archive.

– Original Hungarian soundtrack in mono audio.

– New and improved English subtitle translation.

– Booklet featuring a new essay by author and Hungarian cinema expert John Cunningham

Duration: 92 minutes
Language: Hungarian
Subtitles: English
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Audio: 1.0 Mono (restored)
Discs: 1


Béla Tarr’s AUTUMN ALMANAC issued on dvd

Autumn AlmanacAUTUMN ALMANAC (15) 1984 HUNGARY TARR, BÉLA £15.99
Set in a claustrophobic apartment, the film follows the interactions of five room-mates who live on the fringes of society. As they all try to get along and go about their daily lives, the flat’s inhabitants reveal their darkest secrets and fears to each other.

In Hungarian with English subtitles.

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