Extraordinary documentary portrayal of the experiences in life and love of a deaf-blind Korean man – PLANET OF SNAIL – released on dvd

Planet of SnailPLANET OF SNAIL (E) 2011    KOREA    YI SEUNG-JUN    £14.99   
Korean documentary about the experiences in life and love of a deaf-blind man. Young-Chan describes himself as coming from the Planet of Snail, a reference to the way he experiences the world almost entirely through the sense of touch. When he meets his wife and soulmate, Soon-Ho, his world opens up as she becomes his eyes and ears and teaches him to read using Braille.

But Soon-Ho has problems of her own in the form of a severe spinal disability, and as time goes by they must both come to terms with the fact that Soon-Ho may not always be there for Young-Chan.

DVD available to buy at – http://www.worldonlinecinema.com/Home/documentaries

Sight & Sound review – http://www.bfi.org.uk/news/sightsound/planet-snail