Some new BFI releases for Summer 2021

After LoveAFTER LOVE (12) 2020 KHAN, ALEEM BLU-RAY £19.99
Grappling with the unexpected death of her husband, Mary Hussain is tidying his things in their Dover home when she stumbles upon a secret connection he had across the Channel, in Calais.

Armed with just a bag and his mobile phone, she sets off to uncover the truth.

Beautifully directed by Aleem Khan and abetted by sensitive performances from Joanna Scanlan, Nathalie Richard and impressive youngster Talid Ariss, this is a drama of real insight about two women, living just 20 miles apart, who are separated by cultural difference and yet share a connection. A remarkable debut, whose delicate is a testament to the quality of its writing and performances, by its close you feel you truly know these people.

An Unflinching EyeAN UNFLINCHING EYE: THE FILMS OF RICHARD WOOLLEY (15) UK 1970-1988 (4-Disc DVD) £29.99
Richard Woolley created a body of exciting and challenging work that has remained almost impossible to see until now. Tackling controversial themes, such as class, race, sexuality and the human instinct for violence, Woolley directed a number of racial and uncompromising films, which explores the ways we relate to, and ultimately destroy, one another even as we strive to develop the means to better understand and communicate with those around us.

This collection offers the long-overdue opportunity to experience first-hand the power of such extraordinary and unique films as:

Illusive Crimewhich (1976) caused outrage upon its release.

Telling Tales (1978)  the much acclaimed soap-meets-Straub debut feature ..

Brothers and Sisters (1981), set against a backdrop of Yorkshire Ripper-style murders.

Girl from the South (1988) that views black Britons through the prism of an interracial relationship.


Audio commentary on Brothers and Sistersand Telling Tales: never-before-released audio commentaries by director Richard Woolley

Kniephofstrasse(1973, 35 mins): complex but compelling formalist film, which investigates the relationship between sound and image

Drinnenund Draussen/ Inside and Outside(1974, 40 mins): experimental narrative film exploring conformity in East and West Germany

Waiting for Alan (1984, 45 mins): unconventional, minutely observed domestic drama centred on the ritualised boredom of a middle-class housewife

Video interviews with Richard Woolley (79 minstotal): spilt over 4 discs, Richard Woolley discusses his career and films

Booklet featuring an essay by Anthony Neild and Richard Woolley’s article ‘Writer as Director: a case study -Brothers and Sisters’, pub

Anita is a young black woman, who dreams of becoming a successful dancehall deejay, whilst juggling the difficulties of raising her two children on a Harlesden housing estate.

Her ambitious babyfather Byron forges his own music career, unashamedly stealing lyrics from Anita in the process. Supported by her rude girl friends Anita is determined to make her mark, culminating in a dancehall battle against Byron.

Widely considered to be the first truly black British musical. Featuring music by Beres Hammond and Carroll Thompson’s this 90s gem stars familiar faces from stage and screen including Corinne Skinner-Carter (Burning an Illusion, Pressure) as Anita’s mum and Don Warrington (Rising Damp, Death in Paradise) as ruthless promotor Luther, Babymotheris released here for the first time on Blu-ray, newly remastered by

ChildrenCFF BUMPER BOX VOL. 3 (PG) (3-DISC DVD) £29.99
For over 30 years, The Children’s Film Foundation produced quality entertainment for young audiences, employing the cream of British filmmaking talent. Unavailable for years, these much-loved films finally make a welcome return to out screens. The Bumper Box Collection Vol.3 includes the following the following CFF adventures; The Clue of the Missing Ape, Adventure in the Hopfields, Tim Driscoll’s Donkey, Runaway Railway, Calamity the Cow, Cry Wolf, Big Wheels and Sailor, Breakoutand Our Exploits at West Poley. As always the films feature a plethora of familiar faces, including George Cole, Melvyn Hayes, John Moulder-Brown, Ronnie Barker, Shelia Reid, Brenda Frickerand of course last but not least, the one and only Phil Collins!

Watch Out(1953, 18 mins)
That’s an Order(1955, 18 mins)
Playground Express(1955, 18 mins)

British journalist Sullivan is based in the Middle East where he is covering the conflict between Jordan and Palestine when he discovers a woman, Friendship, stranded without a passport or official documentation. As the fighting intensifies Sullivan offers her a safe haven in his hotel room.

The pair begin a conversation and Friendship claims to be an android from another planet sent to bring peace to Earth.

Great Noises That Fill the AirGREAT NOISES THAT FILL THE AIR (PG) UK 2-DISC DVD £19.99
A number of documentaries made for the Arts Council between the years 1978 to 1996 that showcase a range of different subjects from the poetic to the political, featuring Linton Kwesi Johnson and John Cooper Clarke among others.

The titles are:

Dread Beat and Blood (1979, 44 mins)
Steve Reich: A New Musical Language (1987, 56 mins)
Elizabeth Maconchy (1984, 56 mins)
Strong Culture (1995, 6 mins)
Bristol Vibes (1996, 12 mins)
Clocks of the Midnight Hour: The Work of Max Eastley (1988, 27 mins)
Great Noises That Fill the Air: Bow Gamelan Ensemble (1988, 25 mins)Disc 2
Ten Years in an Open Necked Shirt (1984, 61 mins)
Celebrashan (1995, 6 mins)• Cornelius Cardew (1986, 52 mins)
Steel ‘N’ Skin (1979, 34 mins)
Chutney in YuhSoca (1996, 21 mins)
Music in Progress: Mike Westbrook Jazz (1978, 42 min)

Rod Steiger plays a Nazi concentration camp survivor who lost his wife and children in the camp. Now a Harlem pawnshop owner surrounded by endless parade of prostitutes, pimps and thieves he seems only to care about money.

However he is continually haunted by vivid flashbacks and takes refuge in misery and his bitter condemnation of humanity.

Jean Renoir’s intoxicating first colour feature shot entirely on location in India is a lyrical adaptation of Rumer Godden’s autobiographical coming-of-age tale of an adolescent girl living with her English family on the banks of West Bengal during the waning years of British colonial life.


High Definition digital transfer from the restoration by the Film Foundation

Introduction to The Riverby Indian filmmaker Kumar Shahan

TargetsTARGETS (15) 1968 BOGDANOVICH, PETER BLU RAY – £20.99
Boris Karloff plays an aging horror actor, Byron Orlok,who agrees to make one final final movie. Meanwhile, young war veteran Bobby Thompson grows increasingly frustrated and disillusioned by his life and uses his collection of firearms to go on a killing spree.

As Bobby takes up a position behind the projector of a drive-in cinema Byron may be the only one capable of ending the massacre.

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