JARMAN: VOLUME ONE – 1976-1986 – issued as a 2 Disc dual format set Blu-Ray/Dvd

Collection of the following films – ‘In the Shadow of the Sun’ (1974), ‘Sebastiane’ (1976), ‘Jubilee’ (1978), ‘The Tempest’ (1979), ‘The Angelic Conversation’ (1985) and ‘Caravaggio’ (1986).

‘In the Shadow of the Sun’ (1974) – Jarman’s debut abstract short film, is comprised of a series of Super 8 films and is provided with a soundtrack from music group Throbbing Gristle.

‘Sebastiane’ (1976) – is Derek Jarman’s debut feature film, is an account of the Catholic saint, Sebastiane entirely in Latin.

‘Jubilee’ (1978) – Jarman’s punk movie, which transports Queen Elizabeth I to
1978, where she witnesses her kingdom in decay and the collapse of the fabric of society.

‘The Tempest’ (1979) – interpretation of Shakespeare’s final play, tells the tale of colonialism, revenge, retribution and reconciliation.

‘The Angelic Conversation’ (1985) – is a selection of Shakespeare’s sonnets are read by Judi Dench over music by Coil and tableaux images of landscapes and people.

‘Caravaggio’ (1986) – is a stylised biopic portrays the life of the Italian Renaissance painter Caravaggio.

Special features –

All films presented in High Definition for the first time in the UK

Sebastiane: A Work in Progress (c.1975): newly remastered from 16mm film elements held by the BFI National Archive, this sadly incomplete early black and white work-print of Sebastiane differs significantly from the finished film. This previously unseen alternate edit – assembled in a different order, featuring a different soundtrack – was never subtitled or released

The Making of Sebastiane (Derek Jarman & Hugh Smith, 1975): previously unseen Super 8 footage shot on location in Sardinia

Jazz Calendar (1968): a rarely screened documentary record of the 1968 ballet by Frederick Ashton, performed by The Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House, for which Jarman designed sets and costumes

Sloane Square: A Room of One’s Own (1974-76)

John Scarlett-Davis remembers Sebastiane (2018): the artist filmmaker talks about his experiences on the set of Sebastiane

Message from the Temple (1981)

TG: Psychic Rally in Heaven (1981)

Pirate Tape (WS Burroughs Film) (1982)

Toyah Willcox: Being Mad (2014); the singer and actress looks back on her role in Jubilee

Jordan remembers Jubilee (2018): punk icon Jordan looks back on her friendship with Derek Jarman and the making of Jubilee

Stormy Weather: the Magic Behind The Tempest (2016): Toyah Willcox and

Stuart Hopps share their memories of working on Derek Jarman’s 1979 production of The Tempest

John Scarlett-Davis remembers The Tempest (2018): the artist filmmaker looks back on his time as Derek Jarman’s assistant on the set of The Tempest

Don Boyd remembers The Tempest (2018): Producer and filmmaker Don Boyd remembers the production, release and critical reception of The Tempest

A Meeting of Minds: Christopher Hobbs on collaborating with Derek Jarman (2018): production designer Christopher Hobbs looks back on his long and fruitfully creative friendship with Derek Jarman

Fragments of Memory: Christopher Hobbs on working with Derek Jarman (2007): archive interview with the production designer

To the Cliffs: James Mackay on working with Derek Jarman (2007): archive interview with producer James Mackay on his numerous collaborations with Jarman

Derek Jarman:The Films that Never Were (2018): Christopher Hobbs, John Scarlett-Davis and Lee Drysdale look back on unrealised Derek Jarman features, including Egyptian period drama Akhenaten and science fiction horror Neutron

Akhenaten Image Gallery: a selection of beautiful illustrations, images and production designs for the unmade feature by production designer Christopher Hobbs

Neutron storyboards: revealed here in their entirety for the first time, the complete set of brilliant comic-strip style storyboards for this provocative science fiction project, drawn by Christopher Hobbs

Caravaggio in Docklands (1985)

Kind Blasphemy: Nigel Terry on Derek Jarman and Caravaggio (2007)

Tilda Swinton on Derek Jarman and Caravaggio (2007): archive interview with the Academy Award-winning actress

Italy of the Memory: Christopher Hobbs on Caravaggio (2007)

Dexter Fletcher on Caravaggio (2014)

Lee Drysdale remembers Jubilee (2018): Derek Jarman’s friend and, later script collaborator recalls his unconventional involvement in the making of Jubilee

Christopher Hobbs remembers Caravaggio (2018): further reminiscences of the making of Caravaggio from its production designer

Derek Jarman interviewed by Derek Malcolm (1986, audio only)

In the Studio: Caravaggio soundtrack recording sessions (1986, audio only)

Derek Jarman’s Caravaggio notebook (Gallery)
Five galleries featuring storyboards, production designs and Jarman’s notes on Caravaggio

Image galleries for Sebastiane, Jubilee, The Tempest, The Angelic Conversation and Caravaggio

Original theatrical trailers for The Angelic Conversation and Caravaggio

Fully illustrated 80-page book with new writing on the film, contemporary reviews and full film credits

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