Gaspar Noé’s controversial film – IRRÉVERSIBLE/IRREVERSIBLE – re-issued on dvd

Marcus and his girlfriend Alex’s world is torn apart in the most unimaginably brutal way possible in this shocking and violent film that divided opinion. It was seen as by some as a masterpiece and others as an exploitation movie.

In French with English subtitles

Special Features

Interactive Menus

Enhanced WS tv

Bonus Footage

Deleted Scenes

Interviews: Gaspar Noe (director)

Commentary: Gaspar Noe (director)

Other Documentary: Short Film by Noe

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Giuseppe Tornatore’s – MALENA – re-issued on dvd and Blu Ray

MalènaMALENA (15) ITALY 2001 TORNATORE, GUISEPPE DVD – £10.99 BLU RAY £15.99
Set in a sleepy Italian village in World War II. Mysterious and beautiful Malèna’s husband has been reported as having died fighting in the war and the women of the town start to spread malicious gossip about Malèna and her consorting with the German’s stationed in the village.

In Italian with English subtitles

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