Norwegian disaster movie – THE QUAKE – out on dvd

Geologist Kristian warns that Oslo is about to be hit by an earthquake.
But nobody wants to believe him, so he sets out to save his family as the tremors begin.

Kristoffer Joner and Ane Dahl Torp reprise their roles in the sequel to 2015 disaster drama ‘The Wave’. When a former colleague is killed due to a collapsed tunnel experienced geologist Kristian investigates the circumstances of his death. His findings make him conclude that Oslo could be set for a deadly earthquake and he tries to warn his family to leave the city.

However, his estranged wife Idun believes that he is still suffering trauma from the tsunami he survived three years earlier.

In Norwegian with English subtitles

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Two recent Scandinavian dvd releases

Comedy drama about brothers Gabriel and Elias receive news that their father has died. Upon viewing a videotape that was left for them, they learn that they were actually adopted and that their biological father lives on the island of Ork.

After visiting the island, they discover three more half-brothers and the shocking truth behind their strange family history.


In Danish with English subtitles
WaveTHE WAVE (15) 2015 NORWAY UTHAUG, ROAR £15.99
Disaster drama about a 80-metre tsunami heading for a Norwegian tourist village of Geiranger.

As they prepare to move out of Geiranger with their two kids, geologist Kristian Eikfjord and his wife Idun find themselves with ten minutes to evacuate their home before the disaster strikes.
In Norwegian with English subtitles

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ImageKING OF DEVIL’S ISLAND (12A) 2010 NORWAY      HOLST, MARIUS    £17.99
On a remote island off the coast of Norway in 1915, Governor Bestyreren (Stellan Skarsgård) presides over the brutal and austere Bastoy Boys Reform School. When the paedophile house master, Master Bråthen (Kristoffer Joner), returns to the school under a cloud of corruption, he quickly resumes his exploitation of power, inflicting both mental and physical abuse on the boys.

The arrival of a new boy, 17-year-old Erling (Benjamin Helstad), leads to a thwarted escape attempt and a violent uprising among the boys, but it seems Erling’s fantasies of freedom are destined to remain unfulfilled..BLU RAY – £19.99

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