Polish movie – NINA – out on dvd

NinaNINA(15) 2018 POLAND CHAJDAS, OLGA £15.99
After discovering that Nina is unable to conceive, she and her husband Wojtek set out to find a surrogate. When Wojtek happens to meet Magda and notices that she has green eyes, a trait they desire for their own offspring, he takes her to meet Nina. What ensues is a complicated web of deceit as Nina and Magda form an unexpected bond that may threaten the future of her marriage with Wojtek.

In Polish with English subtitles

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Polish film – UNITED STATES OF LOVE – issued on dvd and Blu Ray

united-states-of-loveUNITED STATES OF LOVE (18) 2016 POLAND WASILEWSKI, TOMASZ DVD – £15.99 BLU RAY – £19.99

1990s, with the decline of communism, four women who are trying to adapt to the changing times and their new-found freedom. The intertwined foursome include Agata, who becomes obsessed with a local priest, schoolteacher Iza is having an affair with a doctor, and her fellow teacher Renata yearns for a closer relationship with her neighbour Marzena


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