Iranian movie – 3 FACES – issued on dvd

3 FACES (15) 2018 IRAN PANAHI, JAFAR £15.99
An actress receives a video of a young girl in distress, pleading for help and claiming her conservative family is preventing her from realising her dream of studying at a prestigious drama school in Tehran.

The actress sets out to find the girl in an remote mountain village.

In Farsi with English subtitles

Guardian review –

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Iranian film – TAXI TEHRAN – available on dvd

Taxi TehranTAXI TEHRAN (12) 2015 IRAN PANAHI, JAFAR £15.99
After being banned by the Iranian government from making films and placed under house arrest, Panahi poses as a taxi driver and drives around the busy streets of Tehran picking up passengers and recording their conversations.

The passengers discusses the social challenges that Iranian citizens face on a daily basis.

In Farsi with English subtitles



Clip 1 – “You a cabbie? No way Mr Panahi”  on Vimeo or Youtube

Clip 2 – “Avoid sordid realism” on Vimeo or Youtube

Clip 3 – “We know they’re watching” on Vimeo or Youtube

(Vimeo clips can be downloaded)

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Trailer on Vimeo (can be downloaded) or Youtube

Download photos:  photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5J

Jafar Panahi’s statement

Article in Le Monde speaking to Jafar Panahi’s daughter – English translation

Interview with Pooya Abbasian, involved in the post production

Swiss educational pamphlet (in French)

Cars in the movies – some free-wheeling association by Danny Leigh in The Guardian 

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THIS IS NOT A FILM new documentary on dvd

This Is Not a FilmTHIS IS NOT A FILM (U) 2010 IRAN     PANAHI,JAFAR        £14.99
Documentary following Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi, who also co-directs, as he appeals against his six-year jail sentence and 20-year ban on making films. Accused of creating propaganda opposing the regime, Panahi has also been prohibited from talking to the press or exiting the country. Under house arrest while awaiting the decision of the appeal, he worries the result may mean the end of his artistry and begins to capture a day in his life.

He shares the story of a film he was going to make, is startled by fireworks and gunshot sounds outside his apartment, tunes into the news and finds out about the Japanese tsunami and talks to a young man who works in the building.

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