Final installment – LES HOMMES DE L’OMBRE/SPIN: SERIES 3 – released on dvd

spin 3LES HOMMES DE L’OMBRE/SPIN: SERIES 3 (15) FRANCE 2016 £19.99
Third and final series in which the race for the presidency enters its final stretch, Simon witnesses an assassination which threatens to throw the contest into chaos.

Series 3 episodes are:

Death On the Air’, ‘Woman in the Shadows’, ‘Tabloid Politics’, ‘Manipulations’, ‘Betrayals’ and ‘Game Over’.

In French with English subtitles

French political drama about a former spin doctor helping a candidate beating Prime Minister in the upcoming presidential election.
Series 1 episodes are:

‘L’Attentat’,’La Candidate’,’La Conquête Du Centre’, ‘Le Témoin’, ‘Le Ralliement’ and ‘Trahisons’.

Series 2 episodes are:

‘L’Accident’, ‘La Guerre Des Nerfs’, ‘Otages’, ‘La Cuillère Du Diable’, ‘Chantage’ and ‘L’Exercice Du Pouvoir’

In French with English subtitles


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French crime series ENGRENAGES 4 /SPIRAL: SERIES 4 released on dvd

Spiral Series 4ENGRENAGES 4 /SPIRAL: SERIES 4 (18) 2012 FRANCE        £23.99
All 12 episodes from the fourth series of the gritty French crime drama. In this series, as lawyer Joséphine Karlsson (Audrey Fleurot) risks all by attempting to defend the rights of a group of unwelcome immigrants, Parisian Police Captain Laure Berthaud (Caroline Proust) finds herself in the thick of the action when she is seconded to an anti-gang unit shadowing the activities of dissident students engaged in bomb-making

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