Galician movie – DHOGS – issued on dvd

Independent Galician film in which shocking crimes take place in an indifferent world. The film blurs the thin line between victims, criminals and spectators.

The characters in the film are, a woman who doesn’t correspond with the widely agreed clichés of her gender, a businessman, a taxi driver who could be a transvestite, a tough guy and a shop assistant whose mother says his hair is too long. These are just a few of the Dhogs (Dogs+Hogs) that inhabit the film.

These Dhogs lurk in a bar, a hotel room, a petrol station, a cabin in the middle of the desert and a car at nighttime. When the camera turns its gaze to the fourth wall, we see the audience watching them all: perhaps it’s us, as participants in a game or observers of a transformation that somebody – whom we least expect – has decided on.

In Galician with English subtitles

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