Arnold Fanck’ classic 1920’s German film – DER HEILIGE BERG/HOLY MOUNTAIN – re-issued on Blu Ray

Holy MountainDER HEILIGE BERG/HOLY MOUNTAIN (U) 1926 GERMANY FANCK, ARNOLD BLU RAY £17.99 (Also includes a bonus disc with the documentary – WONDERFUL HORRIBLE LIFE OF LENI RIEFENSTAHL)

German silent film directed by Arnold Fanck and starring Leni Riefenstahl as a dancer named Diotima. Adventurer Karl  falls in love with Diotima and they get  married.

However, when Karl’s best friend Vigo also becomes infatuated by Diotima, jealous Karl  challenges Vigo to a dangerous race across the Alps that places both of their lives in danger.

Ray Muller’s documentary about Leni Riefenstahl.   At the age of 100  Leni Riefenstahl takes a journey through her past, which includes:

being admired by Adolf Hitler;

making the infamous documentary ‘Triumph of the Will’ about the Fuhrer;

making the documentary ‘Olympia’ about the 1936 Olympics  in Germany;

her career after the fall of Hitler;

her current underwater photography.

Riefenstahl is confronted by Muller as to why she became associated with Hitler and he goes on to examine why she is both hated and loved as a filmmaker.

In German with English subtitles

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