Egyptian film – CLASH – out on dvd and Blu Ray

ClashCLASH (15) 2016 EGYPT DIAB, MOHAMED DVD – £15.99 BLU RAY – £19.99
Set entirely in the back of a police van which is transferring demonstrators and journalists from different political and social backgrounds through the streets of Cairo while the city is in turmoil as the civil war unfolding around them. As they transverse the city the occupants of the van begin to clash as their political and religious beliefs become known.

In Arabic with English subtitles

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Egyptian political drama – WINTER OF DISCONTENT – issued on dvd

Winter of DiscontentWINTER OF DISCONTENT (15) 2012 EGYPT    EL-BATOUT, IBRAHIM   £15.99
Egyptian political drama set against the backdrop of the January 2011 revolution. Told in a series of flashbacks, the film highlights the troubles the Egyptian people were forced to deal with under President Mubarak’s reign through the eyes of politically motivated whistleblower Amr (Amr Waked). Once a victim of severe torture and state-endorsed brutality himself, Amr has since been involved in a campaign to make the wider world aware of Mubarak’s gross abuse of power.

Through his story we are told how the Egyptian revolution was not one of spontaneous action but rather the result of a long period of injustice committed against its people.

Arabic with English subtitles

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