BORGEN TWO – out on dvd 4 February 2013

Borgen Season 2BORGEN: SEASON 2 (15) 2011    DENMARK       £19.99
The second season of the Danish drama following a female politician’s rise to power and the way in which her role as prime minister alters her behaviour. In this series, two years have past since Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen) was elected prime minister and she continues to deal with problems in both her personal and professional life. Having split from her husband Philip (Mikael Birkkjær), she becomes envious when he seems to be moving on.

Meanwhile, tensions rise in parliament as Labour members begin to rebel and Birgette has to make important decisions regarding Danish soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. The episodes comprise: ‘89,000 Children’, ‘In Brussels No One Can Hear You Scream’, ‘The Last Worker’, ‘Battle Ready’, ‘Plant a Tree’, ‘Them and Us’, ‘What Is Lost Inwardly Must Be Gained Outwardly: Part One’, ‘What Is Lost Inwardly Must Be Gained Outwardly: Part Two’, ‘The Sanctity of Private Life’ and ‘An Extraordinary Remark’.

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ABOVE THE STREET, BELOW THE WATER out of dvd January 2013


Fresh from appearing in Borgen,  Sidse Babett Knudsen stars in the contemporary Danish family drama alongside  Nicolas Bro.

Anne (Knudsen) and Ask (Bro) are a husband and wife struggling to juggle their commitments to their careers, their children and each other. But when Ask states that he wants a break from the marriage, it sets a chain of events in motion that will demand those involved to make some decisions about what they really desire.

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‘Above the Street, Below the Water is a genuine attempt to show some of the perils and pitfalls of marriage and families in the modern world. That it comes with an all-star Nordic cast is something of a bonus.’ see full review by  Ben Nicholson at  – ‘Above the Street, Below the Water’