Norwegian comedy drama series – DAG – available on dvd

DAG: SEASON 3 (15) 2015 NORWAY £17.99
The complete third series of the Norwegian comedy drama starring Atle Antonsen as misanthropic marriage counsellor Dag, who believes that humans are better off living alone. After breaking up with girlfriend Eva, Dag relapses and returns to a life of drinking. Meanwhile, Eva is shocked when a friend from the past makes a surprise visit.

DAG: SEASON 1 (15) 2010 NORWAY £17.99
Marriage counsellor Dag, is still able to make a living from his profession even with his negative outlook. But can Dag’s best friend Benedikt and sister Marianne help bring meaning back into his life?

DAG: SEASON 2 (15) 2015 NORWAY £17.99
After Dag hits the bottle, his friend Benedict enters him into a rehab facility run by Benedict’s stepfather, the unconventional Ernst. Dag’s theory on the benefits of solitude is tested when he falls in love with Eva.

In Norwegian with English subtitles

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