Issued on Blu Ray – JACQUES TATI COLLECTION (U) 1949-1974

Jacques Tati CollectionJACQUES TATI COLLECTION (U) 1949-1974 FRANCE BLU RAY ONLY – £69.99
Contains – Jour de fête (1949), Les Vacances de M. Hulot (1953), Oncle (1958) Playtime (1967), ‘Trafic’ (1971) and Parade (1974).

‘Jour de Fete’ (1949) – was Tati’s directorial debut and became one of his most famous comedies. After observing the high-speed efficiency of the American postal service, the postman, François (Tati), of a sleepy French town is inspired to add a little excitement into his delivery route.

‘Les Vacances De M. Hulot’ (1953) – As Hulot sets off on a holiday by the sea, accidents and severe misunderstandings follow him leaving his fellow hotel guests less than satisfied.

‘Mon Oncle’ (1958) – Monsieur Hulot returns with his brother-in-law, the manager of a plastics factory. When Hulot discovers that his nephew has been growing up in a house full of gadgets and gizmos he tries to steer him away from a life of automation.

Playtime’ (1967) – Monsieur Hulot accompanys a group of female American tourists as they travel through Paris.

‘Trafic’ (1971) – Monsieur Hulot drives his innovative motorhome from Paris to a motorshow in Amsterdam, encountering many problems on his travels.

‘Parade’ (1974) – docudrama starring Tati giving a jovial observation of the circus, including the shenanigans that go on behind-the-scenes of the production.

In French with English subtitles

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