Jean-Luc Godard’s – WEEKEND – re-issued on dvd and Blu Ray

WeekendWEEKEND (18) 1967 FRANCE GODARD, GODARD, JEAN-LUC DVD – £15.99 BLU RAY – £17.99
Weekend trip to the countryside turns into a nightmare of traffic jams, revolution, cannibalism and murder as French bourgeois society starts to collapse.

This comedy follows bourgeois couple Roland and Corinne Durand as they take a trip into the country. However, their journey is anything but peaceful as they join an endless traffic jam punctuated with the carnage of violent road accidents.

When they finally arrive at Corrine’s parents’ house to secure her inheritance, they are greeted with an unwanted surprise. When they attempt to leave, the couple discover French society has collapsed and they are captured by revolutionary cannibals.

In French with English subtitles

DVD available to buy from-



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