Jacques Becker’s films re-issued on dvd and Blu Ray

Casque d'OrCASQUE D’OR (15) 1952 FRANCE BECKER, JACQUES DVD – £17.99 BLU RAY – £22.99
Set during the Belle Époque in Paris among petty criminals and prostitutes.

When Georges Manda falls for Marie, he faces the wrath of her boyfriend, the petty crook Roland. Gang boss Felix, who secretly lusts after Marie, orders the two to fight it out for her hand, hoping to eliminate his love rivals.

When his boyhood friend is subsequently framed for the murder, Georges, not realising Felix’s involvement, does the decent thing and turns himself in to the police. However, when Georges then discovers Felix’s role in his downfall, he escapes from custody and sets out on a mission to get his revenge.

Comedy about husband and wife as they prepare to head to a party which results in an evening of rows, fights and threats of divorce.

Edouard and Caroline prepare to head to a party hosted by Caroline’s rich uncle Claude. With pianist husband Edouard expected to perform at the event, he wants the couple to be looking their best in a bid to impress Claude and his guests.

Le TrouLE TROU (12) 1960 FRANCE BECKER, JACQUES DVD – £17.99 BLU RAY – £22.99
Based on the novel by former convict Jose Giovanni, Le Trou tells the true story of a group of inmates’ escape from a prison in Paris.

Wrongly convicted of the murder of his wife, Gaspard Claude is sent to Paris’s notorious Sante Prison, sharing a cell with four hardened criminals. Gaspard soon learns that his new cellmates have been planning a prison break and have begun digging a tunnel in an ambitious attempt to escape.

However, despite initially going along with the plan, Gaspard begins to have second thoughts when the guards inform him he is to be released soon.

Touchez Pas Au GrisbiTOUCHEZ PAS AU GRISBI (15) 1954 FRANCE BECKER, JACQUES DVD – £17.99 BLU RAY – £22.99 Classic film noir based on the novel by Albert Siminon. Staring Jean Gabin as an ageing gangster.

Max and his colleague Riton, has stolen 50 million francs in gold bars. However rival gang boss Angelo is also after the gold.




In French with English subtitles

DVD available to buy at –


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