Dutch series – BLACK WIDOW – released in dvd

Black WidowBLACK WIDOW: SERIES 1 (15) 2010 NETHERLANDS £23.99
Three women are gathered at a cabin with their three colleague husbands when they watch the men blow up in the boat just going out fishing. A police man investigates the widows, who will have to try to explain what happened.

Series One Episodes are: ‘The Beginning’, ‘Unpleasant Surprises’, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Confrontations’, ‘Mutual Distrust’, ‘No Going Back’, ‘At the Top of the Crime’ and ‘The Moment of Truth’.

Black Widow 2BLACK WIDOW: SERIES 2 (15) 2013 NETHERLANDS £29.99
Features the episodes – ‘With a Vengeance’, ‘Back By Popular Demand’, ‘On the Fatalities List’, ‘Search for the Truth’, ‘Hard Times’, ‘Who Is Next?’, ‘Right to Silence’, ‘Guardian Angel’, ‘Out of Control’ and ‘Deep Trouble’.

In Dutch with Engish subtitles

DVDs available to buy at –



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