Victor Erice’s – EL SUR – issued on dual format dvd/blu-ray edition

Based on Adelaida García Morales’s short story about eight-year-old Estrella who lives in northern, post-war Spain, but remains fascinated with the south of Spain where her mysterious father Agustín used to live.

As she grows into a teenager, Estrella tries to learn more about her father and discover why his homeland holds so much intrigue for them both.

Victor Erice’s delicate and mysterious film reveals his abiding fascination with memory and loss, missed opportunities and the links between private dreams and political realities.

Special features:

Presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition

Haunted Memory: The Cinema of Victor Erice(Adrian Martin, Christina ÁvarezLópez, 2016, 13 mins): a video essay celebrating the great Spanish director

Victor Ericeinterviewed by Geoff Andrew (2003, 83 mins, audio only)

Theatrical re-release trailer

Fully illustrated booklet featuring essays by Geoff Andrew and Mar Diestro-Dópidoand full film credits

In Spanish with English subtitles

DVD available to buy at –



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