Norwegian childrens film – THE POLAR BEAR KING – out on dvd

polar-bear-kingTHE POLAR BEAR KING (U) 1991 NORWAY SOLUM, OLA £9.99
After his father is killed, Valemon ascends the throne to take his rightful place as king. But after he rejects the arranged marriage of a witch seeking to be queen, she uses her powers to turn him into a polar bear.

The king is forced to embark on a journey to Winterland so he can find a bride and bring her back to Summerland to break the spell cast upon him. Despite finding a princess to marry, the pair are still separated by the curse at night as she cannot look upon his face when he transforms back to human form or he will remain a polar bear forever. Their love is put to the test as they face the dangerous journey back to his former kingdom with the curse still hanging over them.

In Norwegian with English subtitles

DVD available to buy at –


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