Lost British film – SYMPTOMS – issued as dual format dvd and Blu Ray edition

SymptomsSYMPTOMS (18) UK 1974 LARRAZ, JOSÉ RAMÓN £19.99
Sophisticated modern gothic horror was the official 1974 British Palme d’Or entry at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival, but it slipped into obscurity soon after. Long considered lost, the original negatives were rediscovered by the BFI in 2014, and have now been remastered to 2K for this world-premiere release.

Dual format dvd and Blu Ray edition.

Special features:

•World premiere edition

•Newly remastered in 2K and presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition

•From Barcelona… to Tunbridge Wells: The Films of José Larraz(Andrew Starke and Pete Tombs, 1999, 24 mins)

•On Vampyresand Other Symptoms (Celia Novis, 2011, 74 mins)

•An interview with Angela Pleasence(2016, 10 mins)

•An interview with Lorna Heilbron(2016, 18 mins)

•An interview with Brian Smedley-Aston (2016, 17 mins)

•Original theatrical trailer

•Illustrated booklet with essays and film credits

Disc 1: BD50 | 1080p | 24fps | PCM mono audio (48kHz/24-bits) | Region free

Disc 2: DVD9 | PAL | 25fps | Dolby Digital 1.0 audio (192kbps) | Region 0
DVD available to buy at – http://www.worldonlinecinema.com/Home/british-cinema-on-dvd


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