Spanish film – CUATRO LUNAS/FOUR MOONS – released on dvd

Collection of four stories exploring love and acceptance between men as four different stages in the lunar cycle.

The ‘full moon’ story centres on a devoted couple, Hugo (Antonio Velázquez) and Andres (Alejandro de la Madrid) whose relationship is put under strain by the inclusion of a third party. In the ‘new moon’ tale, young boy Mauricio (Gabriel Santoyo) struggles with the attraction he feels for his male cousin Oliver (Sebastián Rivera) in a homophobic environment at home and at school.

Two close friends and fellow students Fito (Cesar Ramos) and Leo (Gustavo Egelhaaf) realise they are falling in love and begin an affair that they have to hide from family and friends in the ‘waxing crescent moon’ segment. In the final tale, ‘waning crescent moon’, old, married professor Joaquín (Alonso Echánove) finds himself drawn to younger man Gilberto (Alejandro Belmonte), also married, who works as a male prostitute so he can afford to join his family in America.

In Spanish with English subtitles

DVD available to buy at –



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