MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL – issued in dual format edition by BFI

This adaptation of T S Eliot’s classic verse drama recounting the love-hate relationship between 12th century British monarch Henry ll and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket.

The film is unique in its use of mainly non-professional actors to tell the story of Becket’s temptations before he was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170.
This rarely-seen film features Eliot’s voice as well as music by the internationally renowned composer Làszló Lajtha.

Also included in this in this specially-curated edition are three of Hoellering’s richly evocative short films.
Special features
•New High Definition transfers of all films

•Original theatrical version (114 mins, black and white)

•Alternative festival cut (136 mins, black and white, Blu-ray exclusive): longer version of Murder in the Cathedral containing alternative and additional sequences

•Alternative and deleted sequences (black and white, DVD only): footage from the longer festival cut of Murder in the Cathedral

•Message from Canterbury (George Hoellering, 1944): documentary short in which the Archbishop Dr. William Temple delivers his sermon

•Shapes and Forms (George Hoellering, 1950): a striking and expressive film in which examples of primitive and modern art are juxtaposed to reveal correspondences

•Glasgow Orpheus Choir (George Hoellering, 1951): charming short made after the announcement of the retirement of the choir’s conductor, Sir Hugh Roberton

•Fully illustrated booklet with essays by Andrew Hoellering and András Szekfü, and full film credits

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