BFI issue – ROBERTO ROSSELLINI – on dvds and Blu Ray

Roberto Rossellini Ingrid Bergman CollectionROBERTO ROSSELLINI INGRID BERGMAN COLLECTION (PG) ITALY BLU RAY ONLY – £49.99 Collection features – ‘Stromboli’ (1950), ‘Journey to Italy’ (1954) and ‘Fear’ (1954). Collection of films by Roberto Rossellini starring Ingrid Bergman. In the Second World War drama ‘Stromboli’ (1950), Lithuanian refugee Karen (Bergman) marries an Italian fisherman named Antonio (Mario Vitale) to escape from a prison camp. In ‘Journey to Italy’ (1954) wealthy English couple Katherine Joyce (Bergman) and her husband Alex (George Sanders) travel to Italy to sell a villa they have inherited. ‘Fear’ (1954) Irene Wagner (Bergman) has an affair with Erich Baumann (Kurt Kreuger) while her husband, the prominent German scientist Professor Albert Wagner (Mathias Wieman), is out of town. .



Interactive Menus Interviews: Ingrid Bergman Commentary: Laura Mulvey, Adrian Martin

Stromboli, Land of GodSTROMBOLI, LAND OF GOD (PG) 1949 ITALY ROSSELLINI, ROBERTO £19.99 Ingrid Bergman stars as Karin, a Second World War refugee who marries an Italian fisherman to escape from a displaced person’s camp. Filled with romantic notions as her husband takes her to his home on the island of Stromboli, her dreams of an idyllic paradise are shattered by the reality of a barren, desolate landscape. Here she finds herself frowned upon by the local women who are suspicious of the foreigner.

SPECIAL FEATURES Interactive Menus Other Documentary: ‘The War of the Volcanoes’, ‘Living and Departed’

FearFEAR (PG) 1954 GERMANY ROSSELLINI, ROBERTO £19.99 Hitchcock-esque noir, exploring rage, revenge, and fear staring Ingrid Bergman and loosely based on the Stefan Zweig novel Angst. The film explores the inner turmoil of a woman pushed to the edge through anxiety and guilt of an her illicit affair.


Newly remastered presentations

The Machine That Kills Bad People (Roberto Rossellini, 1952, 81 mins): rare Rossellini drama in which a photographer is given the power to rid the Earth of evil-doers, using his camera Fully illustrated booklet featuring essays by Tag Gallagher and Peter Bondanella, and full film credits

Journey to Italy

VIAGGIO IN ITALIA/JOURNEY TO ITALY (PG) 1954 ITALY ROSSELLINI, ROBERTO £19.99 Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders star in this romantic drama of a couple who travel to Italy to sell a villa they have inherited. Far from their London home, Katherine (Ingrid Bergman) confesses to her husband, Alex (George Sanders), of having had a secret lover, resulting in the couple deciding to finish their holiday apart. Whilst Alex enjoys the company of other expatriates on the island of Capri, Katherine tours around the sights of Naples and Pompeii.


Interactive Menus

Commentary: Laura Mulvey, Adrian Martin Other Documentary: ‘My Dad is 100 Years Old’ (2005)

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