New Nordic Noir series arrives on these shores – CRIMES OF PASSION

Crimes of PassionCRIMES OF PASSION (15) 2013 SWEDEN £23.99

Swedish crime series set in the 1950s. This six-part collection follows detective Puck Ekstedt (Tuva Novotny) as he tries to solve various crimes in the picturesque region of Bergslagen. He is aided throughout the series by his fiancé Eina Bure (Linus Wahlgren) and superintendent Christer Wijk (Ola Rapace) as the trio attempt to solve the murderous actions taking place around them.

The episodes are: ‘Death of a Loved One’, ‘King Lilly of the Valley’, ‘No More Murders’, ‘Roses, Kisses and Death’, ‘Dangerous Dreams’ and ‘Tragedy in a Country Churchyard’.
In Swedish with English subtitles

DVD available to buy at –


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