Fritz Lang’s – FRAU IM MOND- re-issued as a dual format two disc Dvd/Blu Ray edition.

Frau Im MondFRAU IM MOND (U) 1929 GERMAN LANG, FRITZ £19.99

First feature-length film to portray space-exploration in a serious manner.

A rocket that is on its way to the moon is commandeered by a group of spies with the intent of stealing the valuable store of gold that is kept on the satellite. The mission does not go to plan and the crew find themselves stranded on the moon unable to find their way home.

Dual format two disc Dvd/Blu Ray edition.

In German with English subtitles

DVD available to buy at –


Brand new film restoration by F. W. Murnau-Stiftung

Original German intertitles with newly-translated optional English subtitles

The First Scientific Science-Fiction Film – a German documentary about Frau im Mond made by Gabriele Jacobi [15:00]

40-PAGE BOOKLET with an analysis of the film by Michael E. Grost; a “casebook” on the film; and rare and archival imager


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