François Truffaut’s classic – JULES ET JIM – re-issued on DVD and Blu-Ray

jules et jimJULES ET JIM (PG) 1961 FRANCE TRUFFAUT, FRANCOIS DVD – £15.99 BLU RAY – £19.99

François Truffaut’s classic tale of a love triangle which takes place over 20 years, both before and after World War I.

Jeanne Moreau plays Catherine, the beautiful and unpredictable woman who maintains a delicate relationship with two friends, the quiet German Jules (Oskar Werner) and the romantic Parisian Jim (Henri Serre). The War intervenes and drives the men to the opposing fronts; afterwards, the two quickly resume their friendship, but the balance of their relationship with Catherine has changed.

In French with English subtitles



Special features –

French, German & English with English subtitles

Aspect ratio 16:9

Dolby Digital Mono

102 mins. approx.

Presentation of the film by critic Serge Toubiana

Jeanne Moreau comments on the film

Original  Theatrical Trailer

DVD available to buy at –

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