South Korean thriller – PLUTO – released on dvd in the UK

PlutoPLUTO (15) 2012 SOUTH KOREA SHIN, SU-WON £14.99

South Korean thriller set in a prestigious high school. Teased by his classmates about his poor exam results, Joon (Da-wit Lee) is treated as a social outcast by his fiercely competitive peers. When he hears of a secret study group who share tips on achieving success within the school’s academic system, he approaches the leader of the group, Yoo-Jin (Jun Sung), and asks if he can join.

He is then given a series of tasks to complete before he can be allowed to enter their secret circle. However, when Yoo-Jin is found dead one morning and Joon’s mobile phone is discovered at the scene, he becomes a suspect in the murder case and must fight to clear his name.

In Korean with English subtitles –

Available to buy at –


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