Dark DaysDARK DAYS (E) 2000   SINGER, MARC     £14.99

Acclaimed documentary about one of the many groups of homeless people who live in the subway tunnels beneath Manhattan.


Cuban AmericaCUBAN AMERICA (E) 2014    GASANA, ADELIN    £14.99

Documentary detailing the Cuban emigrant experience in the United States.


Hidden KingdomsHIDDEN KINGDOMS: SERIES 1 (E) 2014    £19.99

Stephen Fry narrates this BBC documentary series exploring the life of some of the planet’s smaller animals.


Muscle ShoalsMUSCLE SHOALS (E) 2013 CAMALIER, GREG    £14.99

Film  about the iconic recording studios in Alabama where artists like Aretha Franklin,  Percy Sledge, Etta James, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the  The Rolling Stones recorded.


Nelson Mandella Story ResistanceTHE NELSON MANDELLA STORY: RESISTANCE (E)           £12.99

Documentary detailing the life and significant events of the former South African Prime Minister.


Utopia docUTOPIA (E)   2013    PILGER, JOHN         £14.99

Aiming to uncover the truth about Australia’s treatment of its Aboriginal people, Pilger travels to a remote region in the West dubbed ‘Utopia’ where the reality is far removed from the perfection suggested by its title.

DVD available to buy at –


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