Award-winning existential drama laden with dazzling ideas and images, which follows a young physicist in his search for meaning in life. He thinks science will provide the answers, but ultimately learns far more about himself through experiencing love, betrayal, loss, and facing his own mortality.

‘A dazzling, cinematic Bildungsroman about a gifted young physicist, his intellectual and spiritual development, his marriage, fatherhood and intimations of mortality’ Philip French, The Observer;

‘Zanussi creates a visually complex, incisive, and compassionate examination of the essence of knowledge and truth’ Strictly Film School;

‘Zanussi’s astounding cerebral odyssey Illumination questions nothing less than the fabric of the known universe’ David Jenkins, Sight & Sound
DVD special features:
– Presented from a superb new high-definition restoration of the film, approved by the director.
– Newly filmed, exclusive interview with director Krzysztof Zanussi.
– A Trace (Slad) – Marcin Latallo’s acclaimed 1996 short film about his father, the lead actor in Illumination, Stanislaw Latallo.
– New and improved English subtitle translation.
– Booklet featuring a new essay by film critic and author Michal Oleszczyk.

In Polish with English subtitles

Film Review – http://www.filmref.com/directors/dirpages/zanussi.html

DVD available to buy  – http://www.worldonlinecinema.com/Home/russian-and-eastern-european-films-on-dvd


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