Korean films – THE CAT and THE TASTE OF MONEY released on dvd

CatTHE CAT (15) 2011 S  KOREA        BYEON, SEUNG-WOOK     £15.99
Korean feline horror. Claustrophobic pet shop worker So-yeun (Min-Young Park) decides to adopt an abandoned cat after its owner, a client of So-yeun’s, is found dead in an apartment block elevator. However, with the cat’s appearance comes terrifying visions of a little girl which leads So-yeun to believe her client’s death is linked somehow to the cat and the apparitions.

With the help of her friend Joon Suk (Dong-wook Kim), she sets off on her own investigation…

In Korean with English subtitles –

Available to buy at – http://www.worldonlinecinema.com/Home/korean-thai-vietnamese-films-on-dvd

Taste of MoneyTHE TASTE OF MONEY (18) 2012   KOREA    IM, SANG-SOO     £19.99
Erotic drama following the antics of a prominent South Korean family. Wealthy businessman Yoon (Yun-shik Baek) lives in the South Korean capital Seoul with his wife Geum-ok (Yeo-Jung Yoon) and their two grown-up children Nami (Hyo-jin Kim) and Chul (Ju-wan On). Having married her for her money and powerful status due to her father’s success, Yoon is ruled by his domineering wife despite being president of the family company.

When Geum-ok discovers that Yoon is having an affair with maid Eva (Maui Taylor), she seeks revenge by sleeping with his employee Young-Jak (Kang-woo Kim). The situation only gets worse when the business is accused of corruption which brings dishonour to the family name and results in tragedy.

In Korean with English subtitles –



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