Korean movie – NOBODY’S DAUGHTER HAE-WON – out on dvd

Nobodys Daughter Hae-WonNOBODY’S DAUGHTER HAE-WON (12) 2013    KOREA     HONG, SANG-SOO   £19.99
    A student tries to come to terms with her complicated love-life in this Korean drama from director Sang-soo Hong. Feeling down after saying goodbye to her mother who is emigrating to Canada the next day, Haewon (Eun-Chae Jeong), seeks out her married lover Seong-joon (Seon-gyun Lee), who also happens to be her professor at college, in order to finally end their secret affair. But when the pair stop at a local restaurant, they run into a group of students who immediately realise they are having a relationship.

With Seong-joon refusing to accept that their relationship is over, a depressed Haewon, unsure of the future, withdraws into herself and dreams of finding an escape route.

In Korean with English subtitles –

Available to buy at – http://www.worldonlinecinema.com/Home/korean-thai-vietnamese-films-on-dvd


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