Swedish series – ANNO 1790 – makes UK dvd debut

Anno 1790ANNO 1790 (15) 2011 SWEDEN        £19.99
All ten episodes from the Swedish period crime drama set in Stockholm. Physician turned detective Johan Gustav Dåådh (Peter Eggers) and his assistant Simon Freund (Joel Spira) investigate various crimes amid a period of impending social change. Meanwhile, Johan falls for his boss’s wife Magdalena (Linda Zilliacus).

The episodes are: ‘Between Blood and Lilacs’, ‘The Perfumed Pistol’, ‘Fickle Woman’, ‘Good Evening, Beautiful Mask’, ‘The Wages of Sin Is Death’, ‘A Toast to the Scaffold’, ‘The Blind Hand of Fate’, ‘The Die Is Cast’, ‘The Voices of the Dead’ and ‘A Different Kingdom’.
In Swedish with English subtitles

DVD available to buy at –  http://www.worldonlinecinema.com/Home/scandinavian-films-on-dvd


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