Celebrating German film – GOOD BYE LENIN! – with links to study guides

To celebrate todays  EUROPEAN DAY OF LANGUAGES I will be Tweeting and bogging a list of European film with links to free resource guides


One of the biggest German comedies of recent times.

It is 1989 and Alex (Daniel Bruhl) and his sister Ariane (Maria Simon) live in East Germany with their mother, Christiane (Katrin Sass). A staunch Socialist, Alex’s mother suffers a heart attack when she sees Alex being arrested on a protest march, and falls into a coma for eight months – in which time the Berlin Wall comes down. When Christiane wakes up, doctors warn Alex that any shock could bring on a fatal heart attack, so he decides to convince his mother that her beloved Communism has not been overthrown, but is in fact triumphing over Capitalism; and Alex sets about recreating every detail of the old East Berlin in their flat.

In German with English subtitles

Level: A2, GCSE Subject: General Studies, German, History, Media Studies, Politics

DVD ImageFilmheft Good Bye Lenin –

filmeheft Good Bye, Lenin!

Study guide by Hanna Ostermann and Steffi Boothroyd –

Goodbye, Lenin! Study guide by Hanna Ostermann and Steffi Boothroyd (2003)

Study Guide – GoodbyeL

Good Bye, Lenin!: Ostalgie und Identität im wieder vereinigten Deutschland by Seán Allan – http://www.gfl-journal.de/1-2006/allan.pdf

DVD available to buy at – http://www.worldonlinecinema.com/Home/german-films-on-dvd

More comprehensive film resource page at –



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