French TV series – RETURNED SERIES ONE – released on dvd

Returned1LES REVENANTS/THE RETURNED: SERIES 1(18) 2012 FRANCE        £29.99
All eight episodes from the first series of the French supernatural drama, where the inhabitants of a mountain village are confronted by the reappearance of a number of dead people. In an Alpine village dominated by a huge dam, a confused group of men, women and children begin to mysteriously appear. Not realising that they are in fact dead, having met their end years earlier in a variety of ways, the group set about trying to reclaim their past lives.

But their arrival throws the small community into chaos as the affected families struggle to come to terms with what is happening. To make matters worse, history seems to be repeating itself, as, several years after a serial killer terrorised the small community, there is a spate of similarly gruesome murders. The episodes are: ‘Camille’, ‘Simon’, ‘Julie’, ‘Victor’, ‘Serge et Toni’, ‘Lucy’, ‘Adèle’ and ‘La Horde’.

Daily Telegraph  review –

Official French website –!/

In French with English subtitles

Also the 2004 film that the series is based on issued on dvd –

Atmospheric supernatural thriller, with echos of ‘Twin Peaks’, in which the deceased residents of a small Alpine town return from the dead after several years. At first  their loved ones are pleased to have them back and start to adjust their lives. However the returned soon find difficulties reintegrating into society.

In French with English subtitles


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