Volume 3 to the – SATYAJIT RAY COLLECTION – released on dvd


Three films from the final phase of the career of Indian master of cinema Satyajit Ray. Om Puri stars in ‘The Deliverance’ (1981), a critique of the Indian caste system, as Dukhi, an ‘untouchable’ who approaches the village Brahmin to ask him to suggest an auspicious date for his daughter’s upcoming wedding. The Brahmin promises to do this in exchange for Dukhi performing some household chores for him.

But the chores prove too much for Dukhi, who dies before they are completed. ‘The Home and the World’ (1984) explores the relationship between a woman (Swatilekha Sengupta), her husband (Victor Banerjee) and his best friend (Soumitra Chatterjee) in the chaotic aftermath of the partitioning of Bengal into Muslim and Hindu states. ‘The Public Enemy’ (1990), an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play ‘An Enemy of the People’, depicts the deep-rooted superstition and ignorance that give rise to conflict in a small Indian town.

DVD available to buy at – http://www.worldonlinecinema.com/Home/indian-pakistani-films-on-dvd

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