Sorry to hear that Studiocanal/Optimum Home Entertainment have just deleted all UK Louis Malle dvds

Louis Malle Collection Volume 2 Just had word from StudioCanal -Optimum Home Entertainment  that Louis Malle’s films will no longer be available on dvd  in the UK.

So sadly no more of these classic French films – Au Revoir les Enfants, Le Souffle au Coeur, Lacombe Lucien, Black Moon,Lift to the Scaffold, Les Amants, Le Feu Follet and Zazie dans le Metro.

Below is the  email I received from the studio today the label  –

 confirmed that all of these titles (Louis Malle)  are now discontinued and we (StudioCanal)  will not be doing anything new with them

We (StudioCanal)  still own the rights, and unless a another company wants to license those rights to produce more discs, which at the moment there is nothing due to happen, all production has stopped ..

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