Spanish World War Two drama – SILENCIO EN LA NIEVE/FROZEN SILENCE – out on dvd

`Gerardo Herrero directs this Spanish-language drama following a murder investigation in the midst of World War II. When a soldier from a Spanish division allied to the Nazis is found dead on the Russian Front in 1943, with the message ‘Have I Not See God’ engraved in his flesh, an investigation is ordered immediately. Arturo Andrade (Juan Diego Botto) is chosen to lead the enquiry thanks to his peacetime experience as a police inspector.

Getting to the bottom of the case amidst the carnage of the war and the freezing snowscapes of a Russian winter is unlikely to be a straightforward matter. Moreover, it quickly becomes clear to Arturo that he is dealing with a very cunning and dangerous adversary indeed…

In Spanish with English subtitles review –

DVD available at –

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