Topical film of the day – Uruguayan film EL BANO DEL PAPA

Set in rural Uruguay in the late 1980s, this deadpan morality tale from director Cesar Charlone shows how an impending visit from the Pope to the small town of Melo stirs up a flurry of activity among the town’s poorest residents, all of whom hope to grab this one opportunity to make their fortune by catering to the needs of the flood of pilgrims expected to arrive in the town for the Pope’s visit. Beto (Cesar Troncoso), whose meagre livelihood has hitherto depended solely on his battered old bicycle, hits upon the idea of a paying toilet as the best guarantee of striking it rich – and proceeds to wheel and deal his way into paying for it with all the family’s hard-earned savings.

DVD available at –

Spanish language study guide to the film –

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Sight and Sound review –

Spanish, Uruguay, Cesar Charlone,Enrique Fernandez, César Troncoso,Virginia Mendez


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