Angel and TonyANGEL AND TONY (15) 2010 FRANCE        DELAPORTE,  ALIX     £15.99
French drama chronicling the uneasy relationship that develops between two very different people. Recently released from prison, the beautiful but troubled Angèle (Clotilde Hesmé) answers a personal ad on a whim, and soon finds herself caught up in the life of recently-bereaved middle-aged fisherman Tony (Grégory Gadebois), who lives with his mother in a small village on the Normandy coast. Despite a tricky beginning, the two make a connection of sorts, with Tony helping Angèle to find a job and a place to stay.

Both beleaguered by their own problems, it takes time to establish a bond, but over time they manage to negotiate a relationship that makes sense for them both.

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